Saturday, November 14, 2009

Natey at 2 years 5 months

You are almost 2 and a half my big boy!! You will be a big brother in just a day or two. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I have had you all by your lonesome for such a short time and now you will have a little sister to look after. You seem to be loosing your babyness and it makes me sad, but the "big boy" in you is coming through like crazy. You say some of the funniest things and are just talking your head off these days.
  • You are quite fresh, which I don't really appreciate! You seem to mock me with some of your deliberate acts and facial expressions. I try not to laugh because you make me want to rip my hair out sometimes, but you are innately funny and I can't help myself.
  • You went to your first movie in the theatre the other day. We took you to see Astro Boy and you did pretty well. Granted we took you to the ghetto theatre, where I was sure there would be only 5 people there, but you only got antsy the last 15 minutes or so. You are now obsessed with Astro Boy and "Keys keeper" (Peace Keeper-the robot).
  • You love Bolt & Aladdin and would watch them all day if I'd let you. Your rendition of the super-bark is pretty funny, especially right now when you have lost your voice a little from this cold you have.
  • You are getting more and more defiant and are telling me no at every turn. I hate threatening with timeouts all of the time, but it seems to work (mostly) so we'll stick with it for now.
  • You are completely potty trained during the day. You tell me when you have to go and haven't had an accident since that awful day at big daycare. You go into the bathroom and pull down your own pants and can pull them back up most of the time. If we could get you in the big boy bed at night we might be able to keep you from peeing through your diaper all the time!
  • Your memory is impeccable. If I tell you something before your nap, you will wake up asking for it. You will even remember things I told you last week, like who we are going to see or things we plan to do.
  • You have all of your teeth and are getting better at brushing them. Mommy still gets a turn after you, but you do a pretty good job. Your favorite part is the "rinse and spit" at the end.
  • One of your favorite lines right now is, "No way who-zay" (that's the way you pronounce it anyway).
  • You always want to go visit "cousin big Lily" and get upset every time we drive down the street by her house and don't stop there.
  • You are still Batman, daddy is Robin and I am Batgirl. You get upset when I call you Nathan and you are in character. You also correct me when I call you Darlin. "Me not Darlin, me Nathan!!"
  • You weigh 34.5 pounds and are 37.5 inches tall! It amazes me that you had such a growth spurt in the last 5 months! I had to go out and buy size 3T and I'm pretty sure all of the summer stuff I bought on clearance will not fit you by the time it gets warm here.

Well, as I am writing this post, I am having contractions. Your sister will be here before you know it. You are going to be the best big brother and I look forward to telling you next month just how gentle and amazing you are with your baby sister!! Just know that mommy loves you so much and I will try my best to make you feel just as special and loved as I always have.


  1. What a sweet post! The next time you write one of those, he will have been a big brother for almost a month! Good luck, Kameron! Can't wait to hear the baby news!

  2. I adore this boy. Look at him, he is so precious! And the things that boy says, hysterical!

    He is gonna ROCK the big brother role, I just know it.

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  3. He is such a character and I know he will be an awesome big brother. So sweet.

  4. I just can't believe that boy is going to be a big brother any minute now!!! Crazy! But I think he'll do great. I can just see him giving smooches to baby sister and wanting to help. And the "sharing of the toys" won't have to happen for awhile, so he'll have time to adjust! : )

    I'm on pins and needles for you!!

  5. That was an amazing to cherish always...and congrats on the new addition any day!

  6. You have motivated me to try and take Drew to the movies! We have a little theater in our town, so if he didn't make it the whole time, it would be a big deal!

    Cute pics -- looks like Natey's hair is really growing!! Drew's seems to be more wavy on top now than when it was long, so he may always crazy hair!!


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