Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Ramblings

Crap, it's Thursday. I know I am usually rejoicing at this point in the week, but it seems the week goes spinning by unnoticed when you aren't working!!!

Let's recap:
Monday: Did abso-freakin-loutely nothing. I needed a day to decompress. Went to lunch by myself and had my birthday massage (a gift from Joelle).

Tuesday: Did about one million loads of laundry or so it seemed. Nate got a fever, it turned into a high fever of 104.9, we ended up in the ER of Children's hospital in the middle of the night, left because it was 4 am and we would still have to wait 2 more hours, drugged him with Motrin, got a total of 3 hours sleep, prayed I wouldn't go into labor because I was exhausted.

Wednesday: Woke up to miracle boy with NO FEVER (so random). Got a pedicure, got my hair did. Still had done nothing on my house to-do list except laundry. Cursed in my mind at my lack of motivation. Went to sleep at 8pm since I was tired and needed to get rest. Woke up 3 times in the night (2 because of my congested little boy and once to pee).

New Hair and 2 new zits on my chin (talk about adding insult to injury of being so pregnant I could explode)!
Festive and girlie toes for my trip to the hospital!

Thursday: Nate decided 5:45 was an awesome time to wake up for the day. Thanked God that I decided to go to bed at 8pm last night. Took Natey to daycare so I could get SOMETHING accomplished! Got the crib moved into Natey's room since he is still not sold on his big boy bed. Painted the nursery. Love the color!! Went to lunch with my friend. Attempted to catch up on a few blog posts.

It all seems like a lot even though it is a whole bunch of nothing!!!
Nate is officially potty trained and can go pee all by himself! I'm talking, tells me when he has to go, taking off his own pants and undies, peeing and (mostly) pulling them back up when he's done! I also found those diaper doublers which have solved the night time peeing through issues we were having. Woo hoo!
I am 6 days from my due date. Good Lawd I wanna be done, but have a feeling baby girl is going to come exactly on her due date. I wanted her to be born on 11/11, but since that has passed, I am really holding out hope that she comes on the 18th. I think it would just be the universe's way of turning the worst day of my life into one of the best. It will be even crazier if she comes between 1 and 2 am on the 18th since we think that's when my momma passed away.

39 week pregnant belly shot! Sorry about the headless shot...see above for head...
I have loads more to do tomorrow and I will finally give you the reveal of Natey's big Boy room! I know, I suck! I will be tweeting when I go into labor so if you don't hear from me, and you don't follow me on Twitter, check my sidebar for updates!! You still have some time to get in on the CONTEST!! Check the sidebar for more details!


  1. you are so stinkin adorable:-) can't wait to see pics of your kids rooms. i can't believe you are painting at 9 mon pregnant?!

  2. you are so cute! Look at you in that patterned top! At that point in my pregnancies? I was doing the world a favor to wear all black.

  3. Your belly is so cute. I thought for sure you would go today on Model's birthday. Bummer. Yeah for potty trained! So cool. CAn't wait to see the pictures of Natey's room.

  4. It sounds like you've been busy! Love the baby belly. Can't wait to hear the news!

  5. You are just too cute in your 39th week! Now, I didn't make it that far, but I can assure you I could not see my toes well enough to take a picture of them. Nor did I have such a cutie pedicure. It's da bomb!

    Hope you get a little more rest tonight.

  6. Your hair and toes look great! I can't believe how close your due date is!! And yay for Natey and the potty training. I think we may tackle that over Christmas break...

  7. I wish I had thought to get a pedi before delivery. I didn't even have cute socks... wore my stupid white sports socks - the HIGH ones! Ugh.

    Love the hair, love the toes, can't WAIT for pics of the kids' rooms, and love, LOVE that belly of yours!! Seriously, you don't look 39 weeks! I'm hoping baby girl comes on the 18th, but you just never know what that little babe has in store!

  8. so glad Natey managed to get rid of his fever and not cause the week to be that much more hectic!

    you are so cute by the way!

    can't wait to "meet" baby girl!!! oh and see natey's big boy room - i LOVE stuff like that!

  9. LOVE the toes....glad the fever is gone...and excited to see how the room turned out!

  10. I'm still marveling at the fact that you look like that at 39 weeks. I almost wish I didn't like you so much so I could wish a sudden, end of pregnancy, weight surge. But, I can't.
    Great toes - really cute!


    Ok, I'm done yelling. ;-)

    Gorgeous girl, you are an awesome momma. I'm so proud of you and wish you an easy speedy delivery; a healthy happy baby girl; and all the love in the world.


    Can't wait to meet her. :-)

  12. you sound like me almost all the time! lol can't wait to see pics!! :)


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