Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nathan at 2 years 6 months

I'm way late on this update. You have been 2 1/2 for 2 1/2 weeks. Oops. I guess life just gets in the way some times. You are adjusting pretty well to being a big brother. You love your sister and want to be up in her business at all times. Every time she cries you tell me that, "Arielle needs boobies". You are obsessed with climbing into her swings, bouncy seat and car seat, I swear you are going to break one of them. You are a great helper and bring me diapers, her "paci" (not sure where you picked up that term since I have never called it that), and take her diapers to the trash for me.

I'm not sure if you are, indeed ,100 decibels louder than I remember or if that is your way of getting a little more attention, but I'm not a big fan of all of the recent screaming. You are having more and more tantrums lately and exerting your will by telling us no constantly.

Time outs really aren't working very well. I have to stand over you and keep putting you back in the corner. Also, you pretty much think it's a joke and are all smiles when you get out, even if you were crying and screaming one second before that.

You are hilarious with some of the things you come up with. You will throw a ball or do your "break dancing" and ask if that was "cool" or a "cool move". You have the cutest "wiggle booty dance". I have been meaning to get it on video because I always want to remember how funny you are.

I love the way you mess up words or phrases. You have a toy "spacernaut" (astronaut). When you take my blood pressure with your doctor kit you tell me I'm "healthful" (healthy). Things are still "sharpt" (sharp) and you still love your "bankalee" (blanky).

You are still a pretty good eater, but the battle of wills is coming out a bit at meal time. If we can trick you into starting eating, you will eat your food, but it takes twice as long to get through a meal than it used to.

I swore you had gained 5 pounds lately, but maybe it is just the juxtaposition between carrying your little sister and then picking you up. We weighed you at the doctor's office today and you weigh just over 34 pounds but are 38 inches tall (with no shoes on)!!

You have the most amazing memory and know all of the words to about 6 Disney songs. I'm talking LONG songs here, like a whole new world and Prince Ali from Aladdin and Part of Your World from Little Mermaid. You ask me to sing them every night and I oblige, even though I am so sick of them I could scream. I know there will be a time, soon enough, when you don't want mommy to sing to you so I will cherish the little things while I have them.

I can't believe you are half way to 3. It will be fun to watch as your sister grows and you two interact. I hope you stay sweet to her and take care of her.


  1. Kameron,

    He is just so cute. His eyes are amazing in these pictures. Gotta love when they tell you the baby needs boobies. Too funny. The more you have the louder they get just for attention. My house is only quiet when all of them are at school. :)
    They grow so fast. Nathan you are a cutie pie!

  2. I'm betting Natey will indeed always stay sweet, I can't imagine him any other way!

    Sounds like having a toddler and a new baby is as "fun" as they say it is. Lots of time outs....for you, that is. ;)

  3. such a pretty boy!

    def cherish it! i blinked and mine went from toddlers and a baby, to three school more blink, and i'll have three teenagers on my hands!

    way too fast...

  4. Looks like you guys got snow! We haven't had any yet but it has been COLD!

    I am having to get a bit trickier at meal time too -- must be their age!

    Love his big brown eyes and those curls :)

  5. too cute!! I can't get over how big he is getting. Everytime I see him he just seems to have even more to say!! (and I envy his energy level!! If I had his energy I would have a store full of aprons done by the end of the night tonight!!)

  6. Great post! Awesome shots of his beautiful eyes too! I think we could lock our two in a room together and let them have their tantrums together. They both are a bit "spirted", eh?

  7. His eyes are AMAZING! He's growing up so fast!

  8. I love that he says Ariel needs boobies! Love it!


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