Monday, December 14, 2009

Wrap Up

I miss blogging. I really do. I miss rubbing my pregnant belly as I read every one's posts. Heck, I even miss writing my own. Truth is, I just haven't had the brain power, will power, or (wo)man power to do it lately. I imagine I will get back on track in the near future, but for now a quick wrap up of the last week and a half will have to do.
  • We went to see Santa and try to get a Christmas tree at Brigg's Nursery. Nathan was so cute with Santa. He got right up there and told him that he wanted a "Big, Huge, Iron man and Spiderman" for Christmas. We tried to get a decent shot of him smiling, but you know how it goes with toddlers. We got these weird half smiles out of his buddy Tyler and an equally strange tongue in teeth smile out of Nate, so these were the best shots (sadly). I had Arielle in the Bjorn (oh I can't wait to use my ergo....come on 15 pounds!!) and she was peacefully sleeping, so I did not remove her and hand her to germy Santa. Maybe this week at the mall I will attempt that.

    They have a cool indoor polar express train set up and this entertained the boys for a while as they ate their candy canes. We didn't end up getting a tree (for the second time in a week) since they were ridiculously expensive and rather piddly looking for the price. Aaron surprised me and came home with a tree when he went to get dinner. It is an awesome tree and I will post pics...eventually!

  • One of my oldest and best friends, Darcy, came to visit for the week. We have known each other since we were 15 and she lives in Oregon so I only get to see her once a year. I was so happy to have her visit! She was such a great help with the baby and Nathan. We got our craft on and I helped her make two Christmas presents with my handy dandy sewing machine. I can't say what they are just yet as I am making a couple to give as gifts myself, but I'll reveal all of my crafting after Christmas! We managed to get dressed up and go to my favorite restaurant to have a cocktail and share a creme brulee. It was only an hour and a half, but I felt like a real person again! Sadly, I suck at taking pictures these days and we snapped one pic before we left to take her back to the airport!
  • I made chocolate chip cookies and I told my little helper that he could assist me in the making. We got the flour in a bowl, but then I needed to get into the drawer that his chair was blocking. I held his arm and tried to move the chair, only to throw him off balance and knock the bowl into the floor. The poor kid froze like he was going to be in big trouble. Instead I just laughed as it was totally my fault. Then, of course, I made him stand there covered in flour until I could get my camera and take a picture. See the empty bowl behind him. Ugh!
  • Arielle has been doing great. She is 3 weeks old today and drank her first bottle of expressed milk tonight. She has been fussy and cluster-feeding in the evening and we thought a quick shot might fill her tummy enough to get her to nap once more before her normal bed time of 10:30 or so. We have been carrying her around or bouncing on the exercise ball from about 6-10 every night, so it is a welcome break for our backs! She had her first bath last week. She liked it for a total of 6 seconds and then screamed the whole time. I will try again this week!Well, not exactly short and sweet, but somewhat summarized! I have a ton more projects to finish before Christmas. I still haven't made Christmas cards or birth announcements. I have to get tot he post office tomorrow and all of this has to get done while taking care of the girl and trying not to body slam my defiant toddler. Wish me luck and I promise I will be back to commenting as soon as humanly possible!


  1. i miss you, too! i had almost forgotten how cute nate is!! he's so pretty, and arielle looks HUGE already! you've got super boobies!

  2. Nice to catch up. Natey covered in flour is so cute and he did great with Santa. I'll bet he was in heaven with that train too. Arielle is so sweet & growing. She looks long.

  3. You can just tell from that first pic of Natey and Santa that he is talking his leg off!!

    I just had to do a catch up blog too and I don't even have a newborn as an excuse for being so far behind!

    Arielle just looks so cute all cuddled up with you!

  4. We are all missing you too!! Good gracious woman, could you be any more beautiful! Seriously. So glad you got to have Kam time with your friend Darcy, those are the moments that keep you sane I tell ya.

    Yes, work on the picture taking please, we definitely need to see more more more. :)

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

    P.S. Thanks for the votes lady!

  5. So glad to see a post again with some babe pic' just fly's right on by, know that we are always here...take care Kameron.

  6. So glad to see your update. I just love the pic of little Nate all covered with flour. I'm sure it wasn't really funny at the time, but it sure is cute now.

    We were in the area this past weekend and I thought about checking in with you...but I figured you didn't need me pestering you while you are still in the newborn days with Arielle.

    Take care!

  7. Amazing I haven't had time to blog for months and here you are. Just a suggestion, the year Jack was born (Dec 1) I sent dual Christmas cards/birth announcements. It just said "Unto us a child is born" and then had all the info plus a merry christmas thrown in. IF you are desperate to do both and don't have time you could kill two birds with one stone.

  8. That pic of Nate covered in flour is so great! He's smiling like, "There's a big mess and I'm not in trouble! WOOHOOOOO!" lol Love it!

  9. So much to comment on! Arielle and Natey are so cute! Elijah has that same dinosaur shirt, and we miss you too!

  10. you're doing good even just posting every few weeks!

    and doing crafts already?? you rock mama! :)

    great update. nice to see some pictures of the kidlets. they're so cute! oh and you're looking good too. would never know you just had a baby!

  11. I've missed your posts, but I can only imagine that you are happy when you get a free second to pee in peace! Natey is such a big kid! I'm sure he would tower over T. And you look fabulous and not at all sleep-deprived in your pics.

  12. Thank you for the catch up post! I'm glad things are settling in for you. Those first 6 weeks are brutal, aren't they? You'll get there. Promise.

    How nice that you got to get out and get away! Love that you did something for yourself.

    I need to email you so look for something from me, ok?

  13. Thanks for sharing your updates and beautiful pics! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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