Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh the things...

....you can and should not do, while wearing a baby in a Baby Bjorn front pack, that you might not be aware of.

You can:

Walk around the mall. Just forget about trying anything on.

Blog. If you listen to classical music on Pandora (to drown out the typing) and bounce endlessly on an exercise ball.

Pee. Don't ask. Ok, yes, it does take a little maneuvering, but it can be done.

Sew. If, and only if, said baby is sleeping. Also on the chance that baby wakes, you may have to stand and bounce until baby falls back asleep.

Watch half of a movie. They'll probably wake up and you won't be able to watch the other half until later.

You shouldn't:

Drive. I mean, you probably could but it's not safe. Don't be a Brittany, one in this world is enough.

Cook. Babies don't like getting splashed with hot oil. They're not especially fond of you cutting onions either.

Pick things up off of the floor. This actually can be done, but it is dangerous to your health and possibly the baby's if you, by chance, tip over.

Shovel snow. This is an especially useful excuse, so if you know your hubby is about to ask you for help, just strap the kid on!

Now you know.

This was a public service announcement and by no means endorsed by Baby Bjorn. They'd probably be horrified, actually ;o)


  1. What about eat? Does baby mind crumbs in her hair or soup splashes in her face?? Probably hey?

  2. LOL! I remember those days. But I would go back to them in a heartbeat because at least it meant that Itty Bitty wasn't MOBILE yet! :) Much easier when they stay in one place, ha ha.

    I think I've done all those things (except drive) with a kiddo strapped to me. And lemme say they don't make 'em to fit short people really well...

    My kiddo was very easygoing about it. Basically strap him on and he just looked around or slept... otherwise I would have gotten NOTHING done. Sweet girl is making life "bouncy" for you, eh? :)

  3. ha! hilarious... i don't think i want to know how you manage to pee... maybe one day i will find out though :) haha

  4. Way too funny!

    I have my Kangaroo Korner sling that Jack goes in. We went to the mall the other day and I couldn't try anything on of course. BOO HOO!

  5. Thanks for the disclaimer at the end LOL. I am laughing about shoveling snow I mean that could be a little crazy :)

  6. Oh man, you're taking me back!! I remember vacuuming a ton with that thing strapped on (before he decided he HATED the vacuum... which now he loves, of course.) And I washed a lot of dishes. Hmm... starting to think I need to invest in an exercise ball. But Aidan had a love/hate relationship with my friend's giant ball - it was too big for him to lift and throw and he threw a fit!!

  7. Oh yeah, and I became REALLY GOOD at going pee with the Pod in the Bjorn. I mean, when you're in a public restroom without your stroller, what else are you supposed to do???

  8. I remember doing so many of those things with Stunt Man attached. I nursed while cooking. Go figure. Big fun. It's amazing what we moms can do.

  9. I really hear you! I'm watching my next door neigbor's 3 month old this week. He will only sleep if in the Bjorn, and my back is killing me!

  10. Um, you can also do squats with the baby bjion on. That way you can work off those extra baby pounds and the baby likes the up and down action. I hate to admit it, but I have tried to cook with baby bjion on, but I made sure to turn away from the stove and stand arms length away. I promise no baby was hurt during the process. I haven't mastered the peeing. You've got skills girl!

  11. Whenever I do anything of questionable safety, Joe calls me Britney! Funny you think the same of her!

  12. LOL, I wore Lexie all the time! Even to pee! ;)

  13. You know, the only time I used a carrier was when Drew was old enough to face forward and that wasn't very often b/c I could never figure the darn thing out by myself! Oh how I wish I knew about all of the different types of baby slings/carriers and all that you could do with them -- I think I would have been a "baby wearing" momma all the time!!

  14. We went to the mall the other day and I couldn't try anything on of course.

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