Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few of my favorite things

That is what I get to swap with someone, thanks to Mamarazzi! It's time again for her Favorite Things Swap! I'm so excited. It was so much fun last time.


  1. Fun! I have done that before - I got great stuff. Come and look at my giveaway if you have a chance!!! :)


  2. I am so excited that you joined the swap.

    You will be getting a confirmation email once I get your info. Please respond to that email, doing so will confirm your spot in the swap. Once I get all of the RSVPs and confirmation from everyone I will make the matches...around Feb 20. THEN all packages need to be sent on March 6.

    As YOU know my last swaps were amazing. In order for this one to be just as amazing (or more, can you imagine?) communication is paramount. Be prepared to hear from me often, you are going to love this!

    PS soooo glad you are playing again weeeee!!

  3. sweet! Thanks for sharing, i want to check it out!!!

  4. I think I just might have to do this again!

  5. Oh I have wanted to do this so bad. I better hope over.


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