Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Arielle at 4 months

Miss Arielle 

 ...is 4 months old today

...rolls from side to side when on her back, but is still not rolling over completely.

...is discovering all sorts of new noises, including shrieking, really loudly.

...smiles for just about anyone.

...is content for 8 whole seconds on her belly.

...drools llike a fiend.

...has discovered her feet.

...only woke up once last night (let's try it again!).

...still has blue eyes.

...kinda looks like her brother.

What do you think??


  1. Oh man, I just wrote the best comment ever and stupid blogger had an error so you will never get to read it...frig, I hate that!

    So you get my lame second comment then, here it is....

    Man oh man do you two make some beautiful children!! Why stop at two?? The world needs more of these sweet little faces, I tell ya.

    I always thought Natey looked like you but now I see he started out as a mini Aaron and then morphed into a mini Kam-boy. Strange.

    I still swoon at those cheeks and dimples - every.single.time.

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  2. Four months! Gosh time flies! She is just gorgeous. I see some similarities in between them but a part of me also thinks that they look nothing alike! Crazy! I don't think Cade and Jack look anything alike either, really.

    She is beautiful. Happy 4 mos. baby girl!

  3. She is adorable! but i have to disagree... i think she looks a ton like her brother!! :)

  4. Happy 4 months, Arielle!
    That first smiling picture is precious! She is adorable. I think she looks a lot like her big brother!

  5. Oh no way... she looks more like him every day! Which is a truly wonderful thing because both of your kids are gorgeous.

    I adore that picture of her - she looks like such a happy girl!

    Hard to believe four months have flown by! Hope she keeps up that "smiling for almost anyone" thing until I get to see it in person!

    (And congrats on the 8 seconds worth of happy tummy time... that's about 7.2 seconds longer than Itty Bit's record, LOL)

  6. I'm thinking they still look alike. What is it with baby girls and the shrieking? Olivia does that too and thinks its hilarious.

  7. Happy 4 Months Arielle!

    Oh man, she looks a little Natey.. oh.. she looks dead on her big bro. I though that when we go to see her very 1st photo.

  8. I think they look a lot alike, especially the smile.

    It was good seeing you again! Thanks for taking your lunchtime to meet up with us, and for introducing us to Panera Bread. We'll have to visit the ones here at home.

  9. She is adorable. I do think she looks like her brother. Yeah for sleeping so long and only waking up once. Felt good huh?

  10. Hmm, I would have to say that she does look like Natey, minus the Scampoli eyes! They are both so beautiful....

  11. Aw, happy birthday to her! She's got such a great baby smile. :)

  12. I think I say this every single time you post a picture of her, but man she is a doll! And yes, there is no mistaking she and Natey are siblings!

  13. whoa! thats crazy! they are like twins!

  14. Ohhhh jealous of the sleep she's getting. But that is so great!

  15. 4 Months! That's crazy!! you JUST had her, didn't you? Crimeny. She's a dollface!

  16. She DOES look so much like Nathan! She is so beautiful...happy 3 months, Arielle!

  17. That first picture is amazing! Lovin' the side-by-side pics too!

  18. Oh wow, she is a sweetie pie. Love the comparison shots. Congrats on your beautiful addition to the fam!

  19. Awesome, Beautiful girl!!! She totally looks like natey except more girly!!!! What a doll!!!

  20. What a beautiful smile! So sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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