Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go see "Biego" Go!

I like to do fun things with my kids. I am always on the lookout for things I think they might like to see or do, especially if they are cheap or free. I heard on the radio that a local chain furniture store was having an event for charity to collect new pjs and books for children in need. Well, actually I heard the words Backyardigans and Bob's Furniture and took it from there. Nate loves the Backyardigans and I told him that we were going to go see one of them and he was so excited. The commercial also said to visit the website to see which one was at your local store. This is where it started to go downhill.

Apparently RI isn't good enough for the Backyardigans because they were only at the NY and NJ stores. Crap. I look to see who is at the stores in our area, and it is some characters I've never heard of. Then I see it! Diego will be at a store semi-close in MA. We're going! Nate got over the switch in characters pretty quickly, which was good. I was happy that he didn't get too upset by the change.

Saturday arrives. Daddy is working so I get both kids ready and loaded into the car. We get 5 minutes from the house when I realize I have forgotten the diaper bag. Double Crap! Murphy's Law clearly states that if I were to keep going to the store without said bag, baby girl would have a blowout of epic proportions and I would have nothing to combat the situation. Of course the other part of that law implies that if I do go back, she won't need a diaper change at all. I reluctantly turn around, explain to a confused Natey that we are still going, go get the diaper bag, and head back to the store.

Now picture this: Baby is in seat and locked into the stroller, I have an excited toddler practically pulling me through the parking lot toward the store, giant Nikon camera around my neck. Got that mental image? Now picture the look on my face, the store employee's face, and Nate's face when we discover I looked at the site wrong and Diego wouldn't be there until NEXT weekend. Um, yeah, that happened to me. Luckily this store has a giant supply of candy which I promptly distracted Nate with and assured him we'd come back next Sat! A little candy and a Happy Meal for lunch is always a good strategy for when you screw up royally.

Needless to say, Saturday we went back, were the first ones there and Nate FINALLY got to see "Biego" (as Nate calls him), up close and personal!

Maybe too up close and personal. I hope there was a girl inside that Diego costume becasue Natey had to give him a kiss.

Arielle was not impressed with Diego. She was more impressed with the fact that she has recently discovered her thumb.

I literally had to pull Nate out of the store. Other kids wanted to see Diego too and Natey kept trying to get back next to him and into other people's pictures.
One last hug from Diego's biggest stalker fan and we were out of there!

Of course we didn't need the diaper bag either time, but you know what would have happend if I hadn't brought it! My biggest lesson learned form this whole adventure is to not open my big mouth until I know what I'm talking about! Oh, and the other thing I learned is that giant themed characters are so creepy. Try explaining to a 2 year old why Diego doesn't talk! Ugh!


  1. What a cool event - especially for a furniture store!

    Love that he calls him "Biego"!

    And I'm glad he had fun. I too, hve learned the lesson about sharing information early with a toddler... it can be a nightmare when things change!

    Love the pictures!

  2. I think Biego had a bad case of laryngitis, from all the yelling he does on his show. That's what happens when you yell all the time, perhaps that will give Natey a little something to think about next time he's using his outdoor voice indoors. ;)

    I too have had very similar incidents happen resulting in very angry and non-understanding children though. I find it best just to state blank excited statements like "Wait until you see what we're doing!" then if the plan changes, he doesn't know the difference. ;)

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

    P.S. loving the little hat headed Miss!

  3. Aww..that is too cute! My kids? Run from any dressed up character, so it is cute to see a kid who actually hugs one!

  4. Ah, the picture of Baby Girl reminds me of one I took of T when she discovered her thumb too. Time flies by all too fast. And man, Natey looks so big! He will tower over T for sure.

  5. Your such a good momma -- you can just tell from the pics how much fun Nate is having!!

    We just bought Drew a "rescue pack" so Diego is pretty popular around our house too!

  6. Well I'm glad it worked out the second time around LOL...
    We have definitely learned the hard way to never tell the boys what we are doing only that it will be something "special" that way if we have to change plans midstream we can.

    Oh...and totally agree....costumed characters are creepy!!

  7. Too funny that you went there on the wrong weekend! LOL!

    And I was LOL at the picture of Nate kissing Diego. HEHEHEHE!

    Don't worry, there will be many more times that you will open your mouth and say something before it actually happens. We all do it. Kids adjust. :)

  8. The pictures of Nate and Diego are so cute! I'm glad he finally got a chance to see him!

  9. My favorite pic is the one of them kissing! Too cute!

  10. That was nice of you to track down Diego for him... not sure if I'd do the same for Aidan. Giant costumed characters creep me out!!!! But I'd take Aidan to see the Backyardigans if they ever came to town!! Olympia's probably on the same "tour" schedule as RI. haha

  11. We used to visit all the characters for free at the different stores too. My girls loved it when Barbies came to life:) So fun! Great pictures too. Love the colors. so glad he finally got to meet Biego.

  12. Oh my word - so much drama and mishap leading up to THE coolest moment in Natey's life! He met BIEGO! OH EM GEE!


    I love how excited he is! :-)

  13. haha "Diego stalker" :) So cute!
    And man, that photo of Arielle sucking her thumb is sooo precious!


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