Monday, March 15, 2010

Singing their praises!

 I saw a tutorial on Michele's, an awesome fellow New Englander, blog for these amazing photo blocks. In my never-ending quest to decorate Arielle's nursery, no really it will never end, I decided I wanted to make some for the shelf (that I coincidentally bought from Michele's Etsy site) on her wall.  Michele's tutorial spells out everything and was super easy to follow. I think they turned out pretty great!!

All sides of the blocks are covered with either scrapbooking paper or photos of Arielle and our little family. It was a fun project, as I love being crafty, but it took a looooong time! I'd say it took me about 3 hours to complete the project. This includes the editing of all of the pictures (25 of them), the paper cutting, gluing, sanding and painting.

It was totally worth the effort because I love them but honestly, after I bought all of the materials and including the time I put in, I realized it would have been cheaper to buy them from Michele! She does an amazing job and they would just show up at your door beautiful and ready to be placed somewhere in your house! Seriously, just go buy them!!

On another creative note, do you like my new blog layout?? Heather did an awesome job reworking my blog for me...again. I guess it pays to have a blog designer in the family! It is awesome to have so many creative ladies around me!
I also must give props (can I praise her enough???) to the lovely Blog Baby's Baby Mama, who took the amazing pictures that you see in my header and sidebar. The best part is, I have twisted her arm and convinced her to fly all the way to the dinky state of RI to grace us with her photography skills again! This time I am not keeping her all to myself and have set up sessions for friends to get a taste of her photographic magic! How good is she?? Oh, you know, Brooke (can't wait to meet her and Tem Tem) is only driving all the way from freaking MI to get her pictures taken! I still have a few slots left, so contact me if you're interested in a session (May 28-31st).
  I love when blogging friends turn into real life friends. My life has truly been enriched by blogging. Thanks ladies!


  1. Layout looks great! As do the blocks...
    I hope the photo shoot works out - I really love the photos you had taken. I should know this week.

  2. Love your new layout - how fun!

    And those blocks are AMAZING!

    Arielle will love playing with those - especially with the pictures of her favorite faces!

    I love the color combinations (ever notice that there aren't nearly as many cute ones for boys??? ugh)

    Awesome - maybe you should add to your Etsy shop? :)

  3. That is soo awesome! I love it! You are just too crafty girl ;) I need to know how you got the Etsy widget on your sidebar? I want to put mine on their but I can't find it anywhere on etsy....grr

    Love your new blog background too! Awesome job, I am soo behind around here!

  4. In the words of Chandler, could you be any more crafty??? Sheesh. Love the blocks. Love the papers and color combos. Love the little footprints! What size did you use for your blocks? I want to order some, but I see there are two sizes. Can't wait to FINALLY see pictures of Arielle's room!

    Your sidebar changes look great - and I love the label cloud. I need to do one of those.

    Seriously, I don't know how you find the time for everything!

  5. The blocks really do look AMAZING! Is there any kind of craft you won't try? (kick it's butt, of course!) Origami, maybe?

    Thanks for the luv, I'm swingin' low today (and yesterday, and possibly the day before that too) and needed some kind of pick-me-up. You never cease to bring a smile to my face, dear friend. Can't wait to return the favor again in May! :)

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  6. The blocks came out great! Great job!

  7. YOu did a great job on those blocks and now I want to make some for my kids. But I am too lazy so I will just head over and check out Michelle's site. I love the blog makeover! Great job Heather:)

  8. WOW!!! I love those blocks!!! AMAZING! She will treasure those forever! I might have to try something like that for baby #3 (if and when we have #3, that is).

    And I love your new blog design. Heather is awesome! :)

  9. I adore the layout and the blocks! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity! I should also drive to RI to get some shots done by Baby Blog's Mama, but that might be a *bit* far!!

  10. Love the new look!! I am really in need of a bloggy facelift.

    With the blocks - do you use scrapbook weight paper or did you print out digital scrap paper? I really want to make some of these (craft night sometime - yes?)

  11. Loving the new layout, of course. Heather never disappoints. I told her she has to do mine once I have new pics with the next addition over the summer. Oh, and I LOVE those blocks. I think come summer time, I will be ordering some from Michelle myslef!

  12. your blocks are so cute! i have always wanted to make them but just haven't gotten around to it yet!

  13. Those blocks are just awesome. LZ even made them, too. I really may be purchasing my first jar (is that how it comes?) of Hodge Podge some time in the very near future.

    And I LOVE the layout and the photos!!

  14. Those are so cute! What a great idea!
    I also love the new look!

  15. Those are aweosome! But yes I can't say I could do all that work. Having them done? SO MY STYLE! :)

    Again, I LOVE the new look!


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