Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Ramblings

It has been a while since I just rambled on a Thursday. I kind of miss it, so here goes.
Why do I have no time for blogging these days? It is making me rather pissy. I'm too busy at work (I'm sneaking in this quick post before I have to run down to the lab), I am sewing like a madwoman and have a million things to do at home, but don't seem to have enough time. This is my outlet, my venting, and my down time. I need to make more time for it!
I feel like a freaking dairy cow. I am pumping 3 times a day at work to keep up with the eating needs of my chubby baby girl during the day, but it is getting really hard. Apparently my right boob thinks she doesn't have to pull her weight around here! I run from the lab, upstairs to pump, back to the lab, manage to eat, then pump again and I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. I managed to pump for 10 months with Nate, but I was a wreck the entire time. When he started sleeping through the night I would still wake up and pump to keep up. When it comes down to it, I just don't think the pump can possibly do as good of a job as the baby when it comes to extracting. I am not going to let it turn me into a guilt ridden, waking up in the night to pump wreck this time around. I'm going to attempt to get to 6 months with breast milk alone and then start supplementing if need be. Some is better than none after that, right?
On a {YAY} note, Liz and I got accepted into the Providence Art Festival! I am excited as it is just one day and it is held in downcity (as we like to call it here in Rhody) Providence. I just have to keep up my commitment to sew a little each week so I have enough inventory. The Bjorn covers I've been making are selling great lately, so I think I will focus more on them and some new dress designs I am concocting!
So that's it for now. It is the most words I have put in a post in weeks and it feels great to get it out of my head!! Now off to do some work. Cross your fingers I don't lose my mind today. I need my experiment to work they might find me in a heap on the lab floor pulling my hair out!!!


  1. We have missed you!!!

    I am so glad your sewing is selling good (I need a baby, so I can have an excuse to carry one of those fashion statements around, hee hee).

    Girlie - don't feel guilty about the pumping thing. There are enough ways to beat yourself up about mothering - and you have done a fantastic job (of mothering, not beating yourself up, ha ha).

    You are totally right - the pump is nothing like having a kiddo keep up your supply! We only made it through out of sheer determination... that's something they just don't tell new moms, huh?

    I am excited to see your stuff! A certain little *ahem* kid is turning FOUR soon... we need a t-shirt! :)

  2. Pumping was so much harder the second time around for me too!! (didn't help that I had to do it in my car half the time!!)

    I am so excited for the Art Festival - I really need to get sewing too. I have a few new designs to work on too.

    Now I just really hope we get into SAF as well!!

  3. Should we start referring to you as "Bessy" then? ;)

    Pumping sucks, I don't know how mommy's do it, let alone at work three times a day!! Do me a favor, will you? Take 10 seconds to write down these words then pin them to your lab coat:

    "I am doing the best that I can, please remind me of this when you see me running around like a headless chicken."

    Hugs my overworked and overstressed friend!

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

    P.S. LOVE your Bjorn covers, no surprise that they are selling well, they are AWESOME!

  4. Congrats on the acceptance! Are you gals going to have a website or Etsy, so we on the Left Coast can peruse/buy your products? :)

  5. I feel I need to write a rambling post soon too. So much in my head, yet I feel like I rarely have a moment to write it down. As for the pumping, anything you can give her is better than nothing! (Also, if you didn't change out some of your parts on your pump, you might want to do that and it can help with suction, which should eventually increase tubing, membranes, etc.) I'm so excited you and Liz got accepted and that your craftiness is paying off!

  6. Good luck with the pumping thing. I had to pump forever with Stunt Man and I felt the same way. But it was so worth it. You must have some vitamin D milk...Arille looks so healthy:) She is just precious with those cheeks.
    We have missed you too. Glad you could ramble:)

  7. So glad the Bjorn covers are a hit!!! I'm loving the fabric combos you're doing. Everytime I see someone with a Bjorn now, I think, "They need one of Kam's covers!!" I should be a walking billboard for Punchkin Wear. : )

    As for the pumping thing... ugh. I'm SO nervous about that. I pumped for a month and granted, it was a totally different situation, but I STILL felt guilty when I stopped. And I was seriously only getting MAYBE a 1/4 ounce total. So Aidan was on formula 99.9% anyway. But I hated pumping and am not looking forward to September when I go back to work. I did, however, buy this crazy bra that lets you go hands-free with the double pump. ha!

  8. Your stuff is adorable, so it's no wonder you were accepted into the festival! Congrats!

  9. Well I think you know my thoughts on the whole pumping/feeding experience. I'm glad you've got a goal but are staying realistic about what you can do!

    I'm also relieved to hear that Arielle is also going through a growth spurt! I wasn't expecting another one until around six months, but Nate has been eating like a champ this weekend!


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