Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A tale of 2 tickets

Well, the title is kind of a lie. It is really a tale of two traffic stops and 1 ticket. Just bear with me for a minute. Saturday Aaron and I got pulled over. On separate occasions. What are the odds of us both being pulled over in one day??

We went to an AAA ball game Saturday afternoon. I had high hopes of the boy hanging out with daddy and the baby falling asleep in the Ergo and sleeping happily through the game. Yes, I am sooo delusional. Nate did great but, as you can imagine, a baseball game is a little loud and the baby didn't really want to sleep. In the middle of the 4th inning Aaron accidentally spilled his beer down the back of my shirt and I took it as the opportunity to go to the car and drive around until rhea game was over so the baby could nap. I got a text that they were ready to be picked up and headed back toward the stadium. The baby's head was slumped over, I heard her gasp slightly and I was checking her in my rearview when it happened. I ran a red light. It was green right before I looked back, and had just changed, but I ran it just the same. Oh, I should mention that I almost got T boned by a policeman as a result. Yep, it would be my luck to run a red light in front of a cop. Needless to say I got pulled over. I told him I was checking on the baby, yada yada and he was soooo nice about it. He said he had a 4 year old and understood it is easy to be distracted by the kids. He ran my info and came back and said he would let me go since I'm not a delinquent with a bad driving record. Score! I was so glad to have skipped out on that ticket. Especially one I probably deserved to get.

Fast forward 8 hours later and my hubbs is on his way home from watching a fight at our friend's restaurant. One of the guys that watched the fight with him was behind him and started flashing his high beams (he doesn't have a cell phone) because he thought they were going the wrong way. Aaron pulled into the left hand turn lane at a light, rolled down his window, and told him that they were taking a different way than he is used to, but to keep following him. He proceeded to put his blinker on and pulled back out in front of his friend. He got pulled over for an illegal lane change. He explained what happened to the cop, but long story short, he got a ticket for it.

The irony of the whole situation is I am probably the one who should have got a ticket, not him. I wonder if it had been me in his situation, if I would have gotten out of it. I think the moral of this story is that the universe has a way of evening the score.


  1. I do think guys are more likely to get a ticket than girls, especially if your pretty - which of course, you ARE.

    BlogBaby and I got pulled over last week too. We don't have a license on the front of our car because you don't need one in Alberta and when we moved here we couldn't figure out how to attach one to the front without screwing it directly through our bumper. So we just got lazy and left it off. When the guy pulled me over I also happened to have discovered that morning that I left my entire wallet at a hockey game the night before and literally had NO form of identification. Turns out my insurance card was expired and the registration sticker on my back plate was also expired (the new one was in my console though). When the cop tried to at least verify that I HAD a drivers license through their system, he couldn't find me no matter how many times he tried. It was like a comedy of errors and I was sure he was going to have to give me a ticket for SOMETHING. Thankfully he didn't. It was like $800 worth of fines but he was super nice about it. He might have felt sorry for me, I'm sure he thought I was a bumbling idiot!

    Anyhoo...thumbs up that you didn't get a ticket, thumbs down that Aaron did.

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  2. My husband gets super peeved at this situation. He can get pulled over for a plate light out and get a ticket whereas I can be going 80 in a 45 and get nothing. I have been pulled over approximately 40 times in my life with zero tickets- And it is coming back to bite me now because my 9 year old has seen both sides and thinks girls can get away with it. I'd rather have her afraid of police- it's double edged sword.

  3. I think guys are just more likely to get a ticket. I'm glad you got out of yours though!

  4. I was all set to comment, then I read Michele's comment, and I need to look up where she lives because she either scares me or needs to give lessons, LOL!

    Glad you didn't get ticketed - and glad your girlie was okay!

    This should totally be a True Story Tuesday next week :)

  5. Interesting story Kam... I think you are right about the universe!

  6. Wow, what an understanding cop you had that pulled you over! Nice :)
    Sorry your hubby got a hubby got a ticket a couple weeks ago as well.


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