Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Captain Natey turns 3

It happened.
My baby turned 3 on Sunday.
What the what??
It can't be possible, but I guess it is.
He requested a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" pancake.
I threw in a 3 for good measure.
He would only wear his pirate gear for 5 the morning...but not for his party.
I got a little overzealous and made my own cupcakes and cream cheese frosting.
...48 of them.
...and toppers to go in them.
...Joelle helped.
Note to self: no matter how much food coloring you put in, the frosting will not be red, just pink.
Nate has no problem being the center of attention.
I think his favorite thing is being sung a crowd of people.
That wasn't his birthday outfit either.
He jumped in the giant inflatable waterslide with his clothes on and had to change.
(no picture because I stink!)
His birthday outfit was super cute, but only lasted 6 minutes.
Nate had requested more "surf pops".
I attempted to make skulls.
Edible food coloring pens don't work worth a damn.
I am no Bakerella.
Nate had a blast.
I cried a little.
I'm not sure if it was becase my baby turned 3 or because I was so busy running around like a mad woman that I didn't even get to enjoy the party or hang out with our guests.
Next time I am getting catering.
Oh, and not doing the Providence Art Festival the day before and running out of time for party preparations!


  1. I am so sorry we missed it. Looked like a blast!

    We have a combined party for the girls each year, so I like to make it a big deal... and I always overdo it. I am always running around cooking, cleaning, snapping photos and I never get to enjoy it. I am afraid the girls will remember fantastic birthdays... but not remember me being there. I wish I could find a happy medium. I have smartened up in taking the coupe of days before off so I can prepare though.

  2. Love the cupcakes... is your frosting piped on? I always want mine to turn out like that. The toppers turned out great!! Um... the skulls, on the other hand... JUST KIDDING. They were cute, even if that pen sucked. And isn't that just like a boy to get his party outfit wet before the camera is out?? A girl would NEVER do such a thing! : ) I'm seriously thinking of just combining my kids' parties until they're old enough to care. May 6th & May 11th... sounds good to me! I'm sure Aidan won't mind a rainbow theme!

  3. Love the skull pops! They look awesome!

    I'm itching to plan another party!

  4. You are amazing! All that and a full time job and baby too!? Love it! His party looks amazing and he is a doll, as always. A manly doll though.

  5. Cute! I love the pirate/captain theme!

    I'm so glad you finally blogged. I thought you forgot how! : )

  6. OMGosh what a fun party though. Everything looks great and I can't believe Nate is three. Wow. Time flies.
    Love the picture on the invite too. So cute.

  7. You never cease to amaze me with all you do and all your creativity....I get tired just thinking about it. Wondering, as did Heather, how you put your frosting on the cupcakes. And did you use a die cut for the cupcake decorations? Everything looked great!

  8. You rock! That is an awesome party! It looks like he had a blast! And, so, I have to ask -
    Can you come visit me and plan Madaline's 3rd B-day party next month? PEASE?!!!!! Really. I'm serious!

  9. I can't believe Natey is 3 either. In so many ways he seems like such a big boy, and yet he's still just a little dude, you know? I'm sorry I missed the party too, I would have loved to be YOUR assistant for the day. :)

    BlogBaby's BabyMama

  10. Happy 3rd birthday, Nate!
    Looks like a great did a great job, Kameron!

  11. Happy Belated Bday to Natey!!

    He looked adorable and the party looked great! I'm so un-crafty...Drew's invites and cupcake toppers came from Etsy and I'm not even making the cupcakes! Hope I survive Drew's party tomorrow. Speaking of party, I should probably get off here and make better use of my time while he naps...

  12. Happy Birthday big boy Nate!
    (Sorry I'm a little late.)

  13. What a fantastic party you put together Kameron! You totally blew my pirate party out the water that's for damn sure, lol. Arrgh'ent you talented!!! :)


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