Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little R & R

By a "little", I truly mean little. We just got back from vacation and, while that may sound relaxing, let me assure you it was pretty far from the serene image you see above! My grand dream of a relaxing 2 week vacation to visit family in Oregon and Washington was packed with go-go-going and interrupted sleep, but I was so happy to see everyone while we were there that I have almost forgotten how much this trip kicked my butt!

Our whirlwind adventure started by going to visit my dad, and my 3 siblings and their families in Oregon. We had a great time hanging out, BBQing, having a family picnic by the river complete with rides on my brother's boat (well I didn't go on the boat, but I had the baby) and a trip to the Oregon Country Fair (as visitors instead of working like I normally do) all in the span of 3 1/2 days. I know, I'm exhausted just thinking about it again.

This is why I can't have 3 kids! It's hard enough just trying to get 2 looking and in focus for a picture, but we had fun trying to get a decent shot! My niece Megan was like a built in baby sitter. I'm pretty sure every time I set the baby down she was there to swoop her up and tote her around!

Uncle Ryan getting some girl time in. They are pregnant, well not him but you know what I mean, and are hoping for a girl this time around! Oh and for all of you doubters who keep asking me where Arielle's blue eyes come from, here is proof that they're in the family!
My daddy with some of his brood.
Some baby decided that she was going to start officially crawling and pulling up to standing on the second day of our vacation. I guess a change of scenery motivated her.
Finally we spent time at one of my favorite places, the Oregon Counttry Fair. I have only missed going a couple of years since I was 6 years old. I usually work on staff, but this was the first year I came as a commoner (ha!) and it reminded me why I usually wait for the public to exit before I go inside! It was hot and crowded, but we ate some amazing food, got faces painted, did some great people watching and most importantly I got to show my real family off to my fair family. I'm pretty sure they were starting to doubt their existence! All except the baby that is, since she was in my painted belly when I was there last year.

{yes, my man can rock a pink and leopard print back pack, thankyouverymuch}
Sadly, I was to busy taking pics of the kids and trying to figure out the manual settings on my camera to realize that this was the only picture I got with my sister Kiersten in it. I miss my family a lot and, as hectic as it was trying to shove a bunch of fun into a short time, I enjoyed seeing them all!

...stay tuned for part deux of the trip where we go see these people. :o)


  1. I am tired just reading all of this and there is still more to come?! Just think in a few weeks we can head to BlogHer and get some rest!!

  2. As hectic as it sounds (driving that far - yikes!) I'm sure it was totally and completely worth it -- family is the best! Love all the pics (especially the one of you and Arielle at the fair and Natey with his spiderman painted face!). And it sounds like your getting fancy with your camera and using the manual settings!!

  3. Looks like it was an AMAZInG time, even though relaxation wasn't really in the cards...I know how it is though not getting to see family that often, you have to cram like a year's worth of visting in a short time...always so worth it though

  4. I'm so glad you had a great trip! It looks like you had fun with your family!

  5. Every since I had Madaline a vacation really isn't a vacation any more. It's about keeping the child entertained with limited resources. I dread vacations and we are supposed to be taking one in August. Ugh!

    BUT - I will say this - it looks like you all had some fun! I can't imagine living on the East Coast and having family on the West Coast. And - your husband is a better sport than mine would be for wearing the pink leopard print backpack!

  6. So glad your back! I've missed your blogging! I know how you feel, the two weeks we were gone, I came home feeling like I needed a vacation. I love all the pictures of your family! And yes, your hubby totally rocks that pink leopard backpack! : )

  7. You definitely can tell you are all related!!! And man, Arielle looks like she's a year old already.

  8. Yeah, seeing you toting Arielle around in that Ergo makes me hot and tired. I told Chad that I don't think you had a "vacation" - next time, no kids!! : ) Or maybe the kids can come, but no 90 minute car rides. We haven't left the house since the Thomas day. haha Love the pics... Arielle definitely has Uncle Ryan's blue eyes!!

  9. Hectic, but awesome right?! I love all the pics, and your man? Does the backpack well! Core does the handbag holding well himself! I love all your pics!

  10. Looks like you had a great time, but I am hot just looking at some of those pictures! Arielle is getting cuter by the day.

  11. Welcome back girly. So glad you had a nice time on your trip. It is always good to go home and see family. yes, getting three to look at the camera and be in focus is tough. I know. :)
    Nice to see a picture of your dad with his kiddos.
    Arielle's eyes just sparkle in every picture. Adorable.

  12. I always need a vacation from the vacation too! Glad you had a good time. Thanks for the comments about my "frenemy".


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