Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arielle at 8 months

Some baby girl...
...refuses to stop growing {hmph} and is 8 months (and a week cause I stink at posting) old.
...is still the best smiley, happy baby.

...decided to start crawling.
... AND pull herself to standing the first 2 days of our vacation.
..has the funniest crawl of all time.

...is toying with the idea of sleeping through the night but it keeps getting interrupted (vacations, teething, etc)
...has stopped biting while I feed her (thank God!)
...has been blowing raspberries like it's her job.

...is cutting her 5th and 6th teeth (top lateral incisors).
...is approximately 22 pounds!
...is down to only 3 bottles a day.

...is a champ at eating her solids.
...has re-tried avocado and now likes it.
...has started eating puffs, cheerios and teething biscuits.

...still has only peach fuzz for hair, but it's getting longer.
...is so content just chilling (sooo unlike her bother).
...has squishy thighs for days.

...answers to putchy puddin pie.
...is the apple of my eye!


  1. I am so jealous of moms that have babies with those chunky, squishy thighs. Madaline never had those :(

    She is a super cutie!!! And, I love the brown dress she is wearing. Is that one of your creations?

  2. Oh man...she is getting older by the second! Seems like just a second ago we were putting in our guesses when you would deliver! She is beautiful and you are one little blessed mama with both those kiddos!

  3. Oh, the thighs get me every time! I want to reach in and squeeze 'em! I can't believe she is already 8 months old! Crazy!

  4. She is really, truly, just so darn cute! Love the cubby-ness. And she's entering one of my favorite baby stages of all.

  5. I can't believe it has been another month. Good grief tell her to stop growing so fast.
    Love those thighs. Adorable.

  6. she is so so adorable!! you may have to videotape this "funniest crawl of all time"... i wanna see it!! :)

  7. Oh, she's so cute!

    It sounds like she and Evany are into some of the same stuff! It's still so crazy to me that they were born so close to one another! I remember reading that Arielle was born and thinking that Evany would be so much younger. Life is funny.

  8. Aww, I miss her sooooo much!

  9. She is so adorable!! I cant believe how fast she is growing up.

  10. What a big girl! Happy 8 months!
    I love her fuzzy hair. What a doll!

  11. One of my favorite things about the Arielle posts are seeing all her cute outfits and hairbows :) She's such a doll!


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