Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arielle at 9 months

Some baby... 9 months old 23 pounds and 30 inches long

...above the 95th percentile for both height and weight if you were wondering

...has a peanut head compared to her squishy body

...has just started waving hi and bye

...tortures me by saying "dada" and shaking her head no when I ask for "mama" obviously spoiled by daddy since I would never let her have any slushy!

...has started making clicking noises with her tongue

...and kissy noises with her lips

...cracks herself up making sounds by rubbing her mouth on her hand

...has started cruising (slowly) now eating small chunks of soft food like banana and fish

...still has 6 teeth

...uses her 6 teeth to chew up her crib railing 3/4 of the way to being 1

That makes me happy and breaks my heart all at the same time


  1. OMGosh Kameron. She is just gorgeous in these pictures and I love seeing her smile with those little teeth showing. So sweet.

  2. I was just thinking about how I'll have to write this post for Evany in a few days. Time flies, doesn't it? I feel like we were just having these babies!

  3. 9 months of perfection, if you ask me...

    I love every chubby inch of her.


  4. And she is still as adorable as ever. Such a sweet smile!

  5. So very very cute!!!

    {side note your peanut is almost the same size as my peanut!! Jack is about 26lbs and 33" - 10th percentile :)}

  6. She is a doll! Now, asher was in the 95th percentile for height at that age...and over 100% for head, so it was opposite of her! I love the pics!

  7. Great pictures! And man, she's not even my kiddo and I think she's growing up way too fast. Don't you just get lost in her eyes? And she looks so much like Natey.

  8. ...has the prettiest eyes!!!


    looks like she has blonde hair?

  9. She really is a cutie!! And, I hear you on the bitter sweetness of them growing up. It is wonderful and heart wrenching all at the same time.

  10. Ours are very close in age. I really wish mine had 6 teeth, though! She's still working on the first, and the rest seem to be giving her a lot of pain these days. Poor baby.

    Nine months is sort of magical, though. Can you believe they already shake their heads no? I don't even know where she learned that!

  11. She is so beautiful! And those eyes...stunning, captivating, gorgeous. I can't wait to have a new baby. Only one more trimester! But December 6th can't come fast enough.

  12. I think Arielle and Lilah officially have the same amount of hair. : ) Dang, I can't believe we create such chunky babies!!! Who would've thunk it? Love that girl to pieces. I wish I could see her smile in person again.


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