Friday, August 13, 2010

Eternal sunshine of the missing mind

I usually like to clear my head on Thursday but I've been a little off since coming back from NYC. Who knew 42 hours away from home could turn my brain into oatmeal?

For instance, yesterday morning after I dropped the kidlets off, I text (text, texted?? anyway) my friend and the following conversation ensued:

Me: Happy Humpday!
Her: Ummmm, it's Thursday silly!!Thank goodness!
Me: Ohhh, even better!

See what I mean? I lost a whole day in there somewhere. Or did I gain a day? It's like daylight savings for the mind. I'll be happy when this day is over and I can go home knowing I don't have to drag myself into work tomorrow. Unfortunately, my house looks like the crap fairy graced me with her presence, so most of tomorrow will be spent cleaning, organizing, purging (my inner hoarder is crying right now) and a long overdue visit with the in-laws. On the bright side, Sunday brings an outing to Boston to see Cirque du Soleil's OVO and some tasty (cheaper) eats courtesy of the start of Boston's Restaurant week! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, busy-busy! Enjoy your weekend and say Hi to the In-Lawz for me!

  2. Sunday sounds fun. Good luck cleaning the house. I should be doing that right now. Oh well...the mess isn't going anywhere. :)

  3. I agree! Last weekend totally screwed me up... I've been so flakey since then. And I'm missing last weekend too!

  4. Ah, I do that daily in the summer! You are in good company...hee heee! Oh, and loved the post below! You sound like you did it exactly right! Me? Wrong bra size? Nah, can't do smaller...!

  5. Have a good weekend and enjoy some Bostonian food for me. Preferably some clam chowder.

  6. i always feel that way after a quick trip somewhere i am so glad i don't have to travel as much as i use to.

  7. I don't know how people keep track of what day it is. Oh, right, a calendar or whatever. I'm just lost.

    Hope you're having fun!


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