Monday, October 25, 2010

Arielle at 11 months

Some baby... 11 months old.

...has changed by leaps and bounds this month.

...seems to grow daily. weighed (fully clothed) when she got her flu shot and was 26 pounds. going to make mommy cry by not fitting into her full summer wardrobe that I have already purchased in 18-24 mo size. still the smiley-est baby on the planet.

...waves Hi and Bye consistently.

...has started to protest when we take something away that she wants. starting to exhibit a bit of stranger anxiety and prefers mommy over anyone else.

...claps whenever she gets excited. pointing at anything and everything.

...has figured out the "I throw it, you pick it up" game. Luckily her brother doesn't mind playing. doing well with sleeping through the night, but poops herself awake almost every morning.

...can say "mama", "dada", ball, this, car, "nata" (Nathan, I swear!) and uh oh.

...finally got those 2 bottom lateral incisors she was cutting for a month. has a grand total of 8 teeth!

Oh yeah, and there's this new trick........

I have another 10 month old walker. Good lawd, help me!


  1. Oh I love her smile! She is so precious! And can I tell you how jealous I am that you have early walkers? Mine took FOREVER!!!!!

  2. Going gaga over here! She is just so darling and her personality just comes right through those pictures. *SIGH* You are still royally busted for not letting me squeeze her in person :)

  3. Look at her go!!! All the better to chase her brother around, I guess! Or run away from him, probably just as likely.....;)

    Love that little chubster to pieces!


  4. AWWWW! She's walking! That's awesome! :)

  5. I just want to reach through the screen and give her a big hug!!!

    Madaline was an EARLY walker. It was painful. I think by the 9 month, 10 month mark for sure she was toddling around the house. And, if perhaps the adorable Miss A, could share with my resident Mayhem Maker how to gain weight, I would be much appreciative. I'm struggling to keep her at 30lbs :( and I don't want us to be FTT again.

  6. She is lovely. And the teeth!!! I die.

  7. She's adorable! Didn't you just give birth to her yesterday? My gosh, time is flying too fast.

    And I LOVE that sunflare picture - great job capturing her. (Don't know about you, but it makes me wish I had learned to use my camera when my first was born instead of a few years later).

  8. Happy 11 months to Arielle! What a big girl!!! She's still as cute as ever. Both my kids walked before 10 months, so I know exactly what those early walkers are like. She'll be running in no time!!!

  9. I can't believe she's about to be one! It seems like just yesterday. She is so stinking cute! I loved the video of her wobbly self!

  10. Your pictures are fantastic! Love her holding onto the tree! I can't believe she's walking. Lilah's JUST NOW figuring out this rolling stuff. She's only done it once on the floor (a month ago), but the last two mornings, she's been on her back (and she's still a tummy sleeper.) Maybe I'll finally get her on her back after all!

    Heehee Love your girl "pooping herself awake." Aidan used to do that.

  11. I can't believe she is almost a year already!! It has flown by (I'm sure for you it seems like its gone even quicker!!) I love when I get to see her, she really is the smiliest baby ever!!!

  12. Look at her go! I would love to see our little girls together, they'd be quite a force to reckon with, I'm sure! HA!

    She's precious!!


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