Saturday, October 16, 2010

Food For Thought - Turkey Burgers and Roasted Cauliflower

A few people expressed interest in my meal planning this week so I thought I'd post one of the recipes. You know, in case you're hungry and in need of some inspiration.Turkey burgers and roasted cauliflower sounds nice and healthy, right? Well, leave it to me to Paula Dean the crud outta them. Regardless, (Oh and by the way it is regardless. Irregardless is NOT a word. It's a double negative. There is your vocabulary lesson for the day.You're welcome.) they are really good. Well, we think so anyway!

Roasted Cauliflower

1 head of cauliflower (duh)
3 tbs butter
1 tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp garlic powder
Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. In a small bowl, melt the butter (in the microwave) then add the oil and garlic powder. Stir until combined. Line a baking sheet with tin foil and, using a silicone brush (or anything you have handy), lightly coat the foil with the butter/oil. Cut the cauliflower into pieces and put the flat side down onto the foil.
Enlist your 3 year old to "paint the cheese". Side note. The first time I made this Natey saw me and asked if he could help "paint the cheese". I've told him 10 times it is cauliflower. He still calls it that. Dip the brush into the butter/oil and dab on each piece of cauliflower,

Put the baking sheet in the oven, on the middle rack, and bake for 30-40 minutes. You want the tops to be a golden brown color.

When you turn the pieces over they should be a dark, yummy and caramelized looking.
Sprinkle them with just a pinch of salt and let them rest for a few minutes before serving!

Turkey Burgers

One package of lean ground turkey (don't use turkey breast or they will be duh-ry!)
1 egg
1/4 c panko bread crumbs
1-2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1/4 c flat leaf parsley, chopped
salt and pepper
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a big bowl. Use your hands, you have to get them dirty to form the patties anyway. It's the best way to get all of the ingredients combined. I use kosher salt so I just take a pinch from the bowl. I also use a pepper grinder, so i just grind until I think it seems like enough pepper. I counted 12 grinds this time. I am that OCD.  Form the meat into patties. I made 3 big ones and then 2 "little Natey burgers" (hey, we call things what we need to so we can get kids to eat them, right?). This would probably make 4 good sized patties otherwise. I usually grill burgers, but turkey burgers are better pan fried. I put a tiny bit of oil, just to keep the patties from sticking. I usually cook them from 4-5 min per side on medium high heat.
Then to up the yum factor, I put a little bit of butter on the buns and grill them.
As if the butter on the buns and cauliflower isn't bad enough, we made impromptu onion stings per the hubby's request. I just cut up and onion lightly dusted them with flour and salt & pepper and fried them. I usually don't make those. Stupid no weight gaining husband. Grrrr.

And here ya have it, the final product!
Bon appetit!


  1. I wish I was domestic and liked to cook! Looks yummy :)

  2. Oh! Those look great! I may even try them! The cauliflower all carmelized looks awesome!

  3. I had to read this when I was hungry... grr! The "cheese" looks yummy... I may have to steal that idea!

  4. Looks good!! I have to try that with the cauliflower - it looks so simple (in a good way) and I need to mix things up here!!

  5. I am so trying the Cauliflower that way! I need a new way to get veggies in. Yummy!

    I make turkey burgers like that but red pepper flakes nice touch!
    Going to add them into the turkey meetballs I'm making tonight!

  6. It looks delicious, especially the cauliflower! YUM!

  7. Mmm that cauliflower looks delish! Visiting from...well goodness a lot of people follow you that I follow. HA! XOXO Have a great evening!

  8. You are a domestic goddess!! And a full-time working mom? Crazy! Everything looks delish. When I think turkey burgers, I think buying premade patties from the store. Geez. I GUESS I could actually make them. : )


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