Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

It worked well for me last week to do my meal planning so here I am again to try it again! For more ideas visit the home of menu planning Monday!

Monday: Shrimp with rice and asparagus (I will post this recipe after we make it. It is easy and delicious!)
Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday: Fried chicken with corn on the cob and salad
Thursday: Pesto & cracker crusted Cod and stuffies with green beans
Friday: Chicken curry with rice (This is the first time I am trying this recipe. I will probably make changes to it and let you know how it comes out.)
Saturday: The kids will be eating leftovers and I will be having a grown up meal out with friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday! Woot!

Happy Monday!


  1. I actually just did a meal plan for the week for the first time in forever. I am seriously confused how you work full time and still cook a dinner every night... I have a hard enough time doing it with all day to prepare.

    Let us know if any of the recipes are exceptional (and by that, I mean the kids would actually eat it!)

  2. We just had chicken curry for the first time last week, courtesy of a friend in our meal swap group at church. It was delicious! If it's not on the list next month, I'm going to try making it myself. Let me know what you think of that recipe.

  3. Umm... can I come over for dinner on Thursday? :)

    Let me know how the chicken curry turns out! I love it, but Mr. Daddy is kind of grumpy about Thai food... (probably too healthy for him, ha ha).

    And happy early birthday!

  4. Ok, after last week's post, I was inspired to do some menu planning. But two of the days I planned out ended up being leftovers nights. Do you have leftovers? When do you eat them? I try to eat some for lunch, but Chad always eats something at work.

    Oh, and when are the kids' birthdays again? I can see yours on facebook I think! (sad that I rely on facebook for that.)

  5. Are you SuperWoman? I think you are. Please post stuff. I loved the cauliflower! You're inspiring me! Can i get another exclamation point? Yes, I can!

  6. I really need to start menu planning again!! (even just so I can track what I make and what we like each week!! I made a glazed pork last night that I don't want to forget about!! and loose the recipe!!)

  7. Can't wait to see your Shrimp with rice & asparagus recipe! It sounds YUMMY!!!

  8. Can you come cook at my house???

    I love the new layout. I'm sure you've had it sometime now, but I don't always see it since I use google reader. Hope your week is going well!!! : )

  9. Quick the new look of the blog!!

  10. I love it when we can plan a menu too. It saves so much shopping and eases my mind knowing dinner is already planned.

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! xoxo

  12. How did you like the curry? I've tried a few recipes but am still looking for 'the one'.


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