Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's what friends are for

Now that song will be stuck in your head all day. You're welcome.

I know I already bragged about my girlie day and night out last week, but let me just reiterate how awesome it was to have a girls day with one of my best girls. I took a vacay day and drove up to Boston on Friday morning and picked up Darcy and her mom from the convention center and immediately went shopping! Darcy has the most amazing talent...I have never seen someone zip through racks like that. I simply watched in awe as she put together a bunch of outfits for me. I got a ton of stuff for cheap because we were shopping at Buffalo Exchange! I will definitely be going back. Not for a while though. Don't want the hubbs to freak about me doing any more shopping for a while. We did some touristy things like have lunch on Newbury Street, walk around Boston Common and Beacon Hill, which was fun since I have never done an official walk about Boston even though I have lived an hour away for 5 years.

Now don't laugh at the picture of us. My weird expression was due to the sunlight glaring directly into my eyes and the wind blowing my hair and shirt all around. Oh, and doesn't everyone take a picture of their new haircut in the mirror of a restaurant bathroom? Just me? Ok. I'm fine with that.

We went to dinner at the restaurant where my BIL is the Sous-chef and had a 9 course dinner. Well, we signed up for the 6 course Chef's tasting, but somehow they kept bringing us more food. I left there needing to unbutton my pants just to breathe. The food was way out of my normal comfort zone, but I was so proud of myself for trying everything (except the sea urchin which I have tried before and hated) that they brought out! If you've known me as long as Darcy has, you would understand what a great feat this was! We weebled ourselves back to the hotel, had a cocktail while getting ready and then went to the club in the basement of the hotel. Yes, I said a club. I can't even tell you how long it has been since the last time I've been to a club. I am way too old for this hoopla! After seeing some of the happenings in this place, it makes me extremely happy to be a married woman and not having to deal with that hot mess any more. We did have a great time though. We drank a considerable amount and danced until our sides hurt. We went back to our room and talked for another two hours...the way only great friends that have been friends for 17 years can. I'm pretty sure we didn't even end our conversation but rather fell asleep mid sentence.

After coming home Saturday morning and hanging out with the kiddies we were of to see Dane Cook. Oh good lawd, I love that boy. It was awesome and we had amazing seats.

If it weren't for that little thing called Daylight Saving time (and no, there is not supposed to be an s at the end of saving), the weekend would have been perfect. Although, it was kind of cool watching the clock turn from 1:59 am to 1:00am again. Yes, I was up...driving back from Boston! Darcy is back home and I miss her already! Life-long friends are simply awesome.


  1. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! It sounds amazing!

  2. Life-long friends really are simply awesome. Amazing how you can just pick up where you left off and not feel awkward about the time that has lapsed between visits, eh?

    So jealous you got to go to Boston! It's on my list of "US cities that I must see before I die". :)

  3. Aww, that sounds awesome Kam! So glad you had fun!

  4. Friends are the best!!! Looks like a great weekend! I wanna girls get away weekend now! : )

    I love your hair!!! I wanted to comment the other day but something was wrong with my blogger and I couldn't the hair!

  5. I am in love with your hair!! I need highlights... like seriously bad. : )

    Trying to get a package to you this week of Arielle's old stuff (for your friend.) I have a million things to mail!

  6. What a fantastic weekend!
    I love your hair! It's gorgeous!

  7. That sounds totally amazing Kameron! I wish I had a day like that planned soon!

  8. Jealous of your girls day out! Sounds like a lot of fun. Will you be showing us your new outfits?

  9. Oh my goodness, I love your hair! And you girls had such a great time - I'm so glad.

    We saw Dane last Summer and I was pregnant at the time. I almost peed my pants a few times. I love him so much!


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