Thursday, December 2, 2010

Arielle at 1 year

Some baby....

Is 1 year old! starting to look less like a baby and more like a toddler every day.

...weighed in at a whopping 27 pounds 8 ounces and is 32 inches tall.

...will be switching from whole to 2% milk this week because of it!

...smiles non-stop and is such a delight to everyone.

...has moved from walking to running, although she looks like a drunken sailor while she does it.

...can sign the word "more" but will more often nod yes instead when you ask her.

...has the most ear piercing screech the world has ever heard.

...will do said screeching and then put her finger to her mouth and say "shhhh".

...probably thinks it is the game of screech and shush. Mommy does NOT like this game.

...has really started to protest when anyone takes something from her. still putting everything in sight in her mouth.

...puts a toy in her mouth and walks around with it hanging out, like a puppy, until it's a slobbery mess.

...can point to her belly and your nose when asked where they are.

...points to items and says, "this" all of the time.

...will smack you in the face and when corrected will then pat you gently and say, "nysssssss" (nice). eating almost all table food now.

...will hand something to you when asked. still taking 2 naps and sleeping from 7pm to 7am every night. super slobbery, open mouth kisses.

...will always cuddle unless she is super tired.

...makes sure you know when that is by pushing away and leaning toward her crib.

...didn't have an official birthday party but was sung to by all 20 of us at Thanksgiving.

...looked so cute and had so much fun smashing her birthday cake!!!

Fantastic and fun photos taken by Danielle of Two Sisters Photography
Super cute headband by the amazing Bubbalou Bands
Fabulous cake made by my friend Ariana because some snotty bakery wouldn't make me one. So there snotty exclusive bakery!


  1. these pictures are insanely adorable!! i can't believe she is 1 already!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little girl! The pictures are amazing! I love her outfit, the poses, and that cake! Many blessings! Such a great post xo

  3. Oh good grief - you made two genders of the same adorable baby! Seriously!!! Those smiles look so much like Natey! I just love that sparkle in her eye - you just KNOW she's fun!

    Those pictures are priceless - love them! And BOO snotty bakery... maybe they deserve a Letter of Intent? hee hee

    Happy Late Birthday sweetheart!

  4. Happy 1st birthday beautiful girl! Love those pictures!!!

  5. She is so adorable, and I love the pictures! The first cupcake one is priceless!
    She is a big girl-growing well!!!
    By the way, the screeching only gets worse. ;)

  6. Oh what an adorable birthday girl! What a personality - this little woman will go far!

    And I agree with Rach - that snooty bakery needs an LOI!

  7. Happy Birthday baby girl! Now, the first pic, of her putting her face in the frosting? Is the best ever! I'm glad your friend came through on the big cupcake, those are so much cooler looking than a plain square cake!

  8. While I was scrolling down this post, Aidan walked in, saw the smash cake pictures, and said, "Meh-hee baby." (messy baby.) heehee Love those pictures!!!! So glad you did them. Can't believe what a great baby she is - sleeping, eating, all that! Aidan was still eating some pureed food at a year. Ugh. Oh well!! What a little sweetheart you have!

  9. What a cutie pie!! I LOVE that face-first, no hands cupcake picture. :D

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog for my SITS day today! And good luck at the dollar store! :D

  10. Adorable pictures! This photo session was probably much more fun for her than a birthday party. I can't belive your baby is already one. What a little cutie pie she has turned out to be!

  11. adorable!! i love those gigantic cupcakes. the pictures are priceless! she and my 15-month-old son have much in common...especially the screeching...oh, the screeching.

  12. It's so interesting to read what she is doing, considering ours are so close in age. (And I can't help but compare in a bad way. She says "this"? "Nice"? Mine doesn't. But I'm going to get over it.)

  13. I can hardly take the cuteness!!! I love her outfit, shirt and no shirt - ha! These are such fabulous pictures, you'll cherish them forever!! :D

  14. I'm a little behind on blogging, but still couldn't resist commenting on this one. My goodness, I can't believe she's a year old already. I so remember anxiously awaiting the news of her arrival. She is one BIG kiddo, and super adorable to boot!


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