Thursday, December 23, 2010

Arielle at 13 months

Welcome to your first monthly update now that you are one. I am still calling you a baby even though I have been corrected by several people who want to call you a toddler. It's not happening. You are my last baby and will be staying one as long as I deem necessary!! This might last until you have your own kids, just so you know. Let's see what you've been up to this's been a lot!

Your talking has taken off and you are learning new words every day. Some of the newest ones are kitty,  "Whas dat?", "Nantan" (Nathan), book & "beeebee" (baby) and as you can see....Uh oh!.

You have also started learning animal noises. You can do kitty, elephant, lion and piggy. We will keep working on them because they are sooo cute!

You finally cut the right two molars all the way through but are still working on the left set. I notice that you chew mainly with the right side where you have your teeth.

On that note, you are a very good eater. You take small bites and chew things very well. You are doing really well with all table food now and I have put away the baby food making supplies!

You have mastered the step between the breezeway and the kitchen. I still have a gate up, but when I can watch you I leave it open and you sit and climb down. You freak me out sometimes as you run too close to the edge, but you haven't fallen...yet.

You can blow kisses and also give nice slobbery regular ones. Now we just have to work on you closing your mouth!

(not the awesomest picture of me but I had to get her blowing her kiss!)

You have been waking up again in the night. I don't know if this is due to your teeth or just the fact that you now realize that we are still there somewhere and will come if you scream. I let Nate cry a bit when he would wake, but you don't cry, you shriek. If I let you go you either wake Nate up or get so worked up that you won't go back to sleep. I pray this is a very short phase!

You are definitely a Mama's girl and are very very cuddly still. You are more than happy to come lay your head on me and snuggle for long periods of time. I love it....don't ever stop!

UPDATED to include pictures. Sorry that the quality stinks. Winter, inside, crappy lighting. I am sad....and need to figure out how to better use my camera!


  1. Awhh I miss the baby snuggles! Enjoy them! XOXO

  2. Happy 13 months, Arielle! She'll always be your baby!

  3. Happy 13 months!! She really is the happiest, smiliest baby I have ever met!!

  4. What a sweet pumpkin. I love the snuggles. And I still tell our youngest she is my baby, even though she's 3 and says, "Mama, I not a baby. I'n a big girl!"

    And good luck with the sleeping. I hate those times. But the middle of the night snuggles are pretty sweet.

  5. Aww - she's still a darlin! (And a Baby for as long as you say so).

    But AHEM - where are the PICTURES??? :)

    Sorry about the shrieking thing...

  6. So I clicked on your post, wondering with great anticipation what gorgeous photos you'd have this time... all matching, of course, from the same photo shoot. 'Cuz that's your style and that's what I love. But what gives? No pics???? Ugh!

    All right, ranting done. Man, your kids sure excel in the speaking & eating department! I'll be interested to see what Lilah does. She's already a great eater. And yeah, Lilah chews better too. Girls are just dainty! And you keep calling her a baby as long as you want!!!

    Oh, but shrieking? That stinks. That's how it goes in our house too.

  7. It's so fun to read this since our daughters are so close in age. I should really do the same thing, even if only in a little journal to give to her one day.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    And oh, do I know about shrieking.....

  8. Not to mention, the last baby business. Oh yeah. Noooo moooooore!

    It is funny how I called my son a toddler as soon as he turned one, but with Missy Mae, she's gonna be a baby for a long time.

  9. YAY for pictures! I know what you mean about winter lighting and flash... but your girl is delightfully photogenic no matter!

    And gosh her hair is coming in! I think the only reason she didn't come out with a head full of curls is so you could tell her and Natey apart... they look so alike!

    She is darling - thanks for adding the pics!

  10. She's changed so much in the last couple of months...and she's still as adorable as ever.

  11. No doubt she and Nate are siblings! She's as cute as can be. And when I think that V is my last baby, I get so sad and want to hold on to every last baby minute....they grow way too fast!!

  12. She is so adorable! I love these updates. I can just imagine her reading these when she is older! Love it!


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