Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arielle at 14 months

Didn't I just do a 13 month update about you baby girl?


Well, you are 14 months old now and trucking right along...all except in the hair department. When are you going to get some real hair?? I can put the back into a ponytail, but then you'd look like Ben Franklin or something. Let's work on growing the top of your hair please. Thanks.

You have mastered the closed mouth smoochy kiss. The only problem now is you wanna make out...all.the.time. When you just wake up or I'm putting you to bed you want to practice your pucker by kissing me repeatedly. I crack up and try to offer my cheek for you to plant one (or 12) on but you grab my face and insist on smooching me on the lips. You also get irritated if I don't smooch back.

Your left bottom molar finally made it through. I'd check on the top but you are not all that cooperative with letting my finger or even a toothbrush in your mouth. I'm trying to brush your teeth a lot now but it is a slow going process.

New words this month are eye, eeeer (ear), bath, ba ba, nana (banana) and a few others.

You are into everything lately. I can't take my eyes off you for a minute. The desk in the breezeway is of particular interest to you. I can't baby proof the drawers and you will not stay out of them. You also emptied a box of tissues in 6 seconds flat. I now am locking the bathroom door lest I find you with your hands in the toilet. *shudder*

You can point to my eyes, ears, nose and mouth but will only point to your nose when I ask.

When you are tired and ready for a nap or bed, you will walk to the door of the family room, lay your head down on the step and tell us, "Ni Ni". I wonder if any other babies ask to go to bed.

You still take a bottle in the morning and right before bed. I am going to start the weaning process and try to get you to drink milk with your meals instead. I am not looking forward to this.
You are going to be pissed.

You totally know what phones are and how to use and "talk" on them. I love watching you carrying around our old phone (battery removed) and mommy's lunch box.

You love your brother something fierce! You want to be around him all of the time. I just have to make sure he doesn't "love" you too hard. His "hugs" aren't always the gentlest, but you are a tough cookie.

Your sparkly eyes and squishy faced smile melt me every day. Stay my sweet baby girl always!


  1. thanks for stopping by and leaving some lovely comments! makes me happy.

    the tyson letter made me laugh out loud. while i can't claim that we never eat them, it's not often and my kids are far from picky, too.

    i can do you one better with the "hands in the toilet" thing...i hate to admit it... i was getting my two kids plus their 4-year-old cousin ready for a bath at my parents. i needed to move something out of the way at the moment my nephew was using the potty, and when i turned around, there was kellan with his hand IN THE FLOW OF THE PEE....gag. i'm an awful mother.

  2. so beautiful, that one is!!! those eyes! they were that gorgeous from the time she was born!

  3. Oh, she is getting soo big! I miss her and I cant believe she is walking. The last time I saw her she was small enough to be carried and sleep in my arms. She is so beautiful.

  4. She is too sweet! Hmm...actually ASKING to go Ni Ni? I think this girl is a gem!

  5. i can't get over how insanely adorable she is! she is beautiful and growing up so fast!

  6. Why is it that when I read Arielle's updates, I just put Lilah's name before each sentence? I just feel like our girls are going to be the same! Love your backdrop!! heehee I wish I had some better lighting in my house. I think women everywhere (at least those into photography) now want houses with better lighting!

    Love the Ben Franklin comment. Ha! I keep wondering if she'll get Nate's curls??? Good luck with the bottle weaning. Ugh.

  7. She is getting to be so big! Those are absolutly beautiful pictures of her. I love them!

  8. Kam,
    She is just so cute. Getting so big too. Love love love that last picture. Cute with a capital C!
    Actress used to love phones at that age too & still loves them...I think I will be in trouble soon :)

  9. I can't believe she is already 14 months!! That's just not possible!! (and I think I need you to help me get some nice pics of my kids...your pics come out so nice!!)

  10. She is so lovely and sweet and everything you want a little girl to be... *sigh* And to think I missed cuddling her at your last visit! :)

  11. Love this post. She is so cute, and these pictures are awesome! Make her slow down, will you? Oh, and my mom used to tell me that after lunch, she would lift me out of my highchair, and I would toddle off to my room and stand next to the crib until she lifted me up and put me in for my nap.


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