Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you can't beat it...

Hi. You might remember me. I'm the owner of this sad blog. This poor neglected space that houses my thoughts and pictures. I could bore you with how busy I've been or the plague that recently ravaged my house, but who cares about my excuses. The important thing is I'm here now. Right? Ahem..I said right?? Ok then.

I'm a California girl. Granted I've lived in this God forsaken lovely state for 5 years now, but I will never be a New Englander. Why you ask? I hate snow. Ok, I don't completely hate it. I just hate driving in it, shoveling it, getting dressed in 800 layers just to go outside in it, getting my squirmy screaming 3yo dressed in 800 layers to play outside in it for 5 minutes, driving in it, the fact that it makes my nose, ears and any other extremity frozen while the rest of my body is sweating from the 800 layers of clothes that I have on, falling on my a$$ onto it, oh and did I mention driving in it?? Yeah, I really do hate it. We have been pummeled with 3 feet of snow since Christmas. I am perfectly content to stay inside in my jammies and watch it fall. I usually have no desire to go out into it intentionally. The inconvenient truth is, I have kids. These kids, being born and hopefully not raised, I can't live in this cold the rest of my life New Englanders are probably going to want to play in this cold white crap from time to time so I finally sucked it up and we took them sledding.

We went to our friend's house in South County. They have a small hill behind their house. It was a good start for this season.

Look at this poor ragamuffin child. I didn't even have the proper gear for her. Those boots belong to a 4 year old and had inserts. She could barely walk in them. She had cut off sweats on over her clothes. Luckily after a quick ride on the toboggan she rode in the baby sled they had and happily sat there the whole time.

 Nate seemed to like it. He is a very lazy sledder. He must get this trait from me. He would get to the bottom and want to be pulled back up to the top.
 He did, however, manage to stay out in the snow for 45 minutes. This is better than his previous 7 minute record. With the time and effort it takes to get this kid dressed I was pleased with the return on investment this time around.

 He rode this thing up and down about 3 times, pushed and pulled by me. I then realized it was defeating the purpose of the sledding. I wanted to go to wear HIM out not me, so I told him no one rides for free and he had to walk back up. He could have stayed like this all day. (Sorry for the random edit thrown it. I am playing with CS5!!)

 Does she ever stop smiling?? The answer, of course, is no. I love my chubby little punkin pie!

It was a nice day. Not too cold. Aaaand, I may even have had a little fun. I also may be stupid enough to try it again this weekend! God help me!


  1. Sledding is the most fun ever! Or at least that is how I remember it as a child (probably think differently about it too, if I lived in N.E.). I am shocked that Nate doesn't love being out in the snow with all his energy!

    P.S. I am sorta surprised that I didn't make your favorite blogs list...I thought I would have an in, seeing as I'm your SIL. :?

  2. I think I would enjoy sledding more if somebody would pull me up the hill too! I haven't taken my kids yet this winter, I tell them they get to ski and that's kind of the same thing...

    I love your baby girl's big smile, she is so cute!

  3. Girl, Spring can't come FAST enough!
    I'm so over it from the 12/26 blizzard where we got 2 ft of snow and we got more this week. I'm over it! Looks like you and the little ones had fun! Hang in there!

  4. that looks so fun! and that little raggamuffin looked adorable!!

    i think i do remember you!!

  5. I hate driving in it too, but all else about the snow I love! And I reallly wish we'd get a nice big snowstorm here. Great pictures of all the fun! Oh, and if you need a full on snow suit for Arielle for the season, I have T's that V won't fit into until next year I could lend you. (T wore it at 10 mos - way too big and then the next year at 22 months - just right).

  6. Looks like a blast, but yeah, kinda cold. I'm a Southerner myself but I do kinda wish my kids could play in the snow once in a while... :)

    Love that smile!

  7. Love the pictures! I'm not even in New England and I hate the frickin' white stuff. I can't even drive in 2 inches of it. Completely and total wuss.

    But of course, the boy loves the stuff. Finally got him to wear mittens too... told him we weren't going until he put them on. You should've seen his sad face as he held up his hands in defeat. yay!! But I think he finally realized how effective they are! Duh.

    Yes, come to the West Coast, please. Need to see that smiley punkin of yours! OUr girls can play nicely together while the boys rage.


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