Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's top 10

Top 10 indications that you need a vacation some where warm:

1. You look outside at the snow and contemplate taking a blowtorch to the stuff just so you can see your lawn again.

2. Your kids are so tired of their coats that the 3yo won't even let you zip it up anymore without a full blown meltdown.

3. You open the door and it's a balmy 42 degrees outside and you stand on your deck smiling like it is a hot summer day.

4. Instead of being happy that Punxatawney Phil didn't see his shadow you think that groundhogs are now purposely f*ing with you. This winter will never end.

5. You are jealous of your co-worker who is going on a 3 week vacation to Florida and smiled a little when he told you that it was supposed to rain the first day.

6. You have started planning your son's 4th birthday party...that's not till June...just so you can imagine being outside and warm.

7. You keep pulling out all of your daughter's summer clothes that you've already bought, praying they will still fit her by the time it is warm enough.

8. You browse the Beaches resort website weekly, checking rates, even though you know you aren't going anywhere any time soon.

9. You wear yellow and bright green short sleeve shirts to work trying to channel spring.

10. You spend an hour writing a list of all the reasons you really, really need to get out of this stinking cold and want to be warm so bad that you are contemplating turning the heat in your house up to 85 just for one day and lay around in your bathing suit.


  1. Hang in there babes! When I am freezing in the train station (yes underground in NYC and still freezing) I think of the AUGUST heat and how it feels like a sauna down there. I will never ever complain summer is too hot! :)

  2. Sorry Lady...come visit me and Tommy! Its warm here, for it being winter and all. We miss you guys!
    :)I will send warm thoughts your way!

  3. I'd say come down here but it hasn't been very warm here either! At least we saw the sun today... hang in there girl. Winter has to be over at some point!!

  4. Guess I won't tell you how sunny it's been lately...

    Ok, ok, who am I kidding? I live in Washington. Not sure what's worse -- endless snow or endless rain? Blech! But it was sunny today, actually, despite the chilly weather. I dressed Lilah in a sleeveless dress inside the house because it won't fit once the sun comes out. So lame.

  5. i hear ya. my little guy's eczema is so bad right now because of the wind and cold...

    i tried to come up with a witty number eleven for your list, but i couldn't. oh well.

  6. Ahh, it was 28 degrees this morning and the sun was shining and mocking us with how cold it felt while not having snow.

    Laughing at the planning Natey's birthday party early thing... I hear ya!

  7. No worries. It will be over soon enough!

  8. Great list! I am so ready for winter to be over!!!


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