Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arielle at 15 months

Hello sweet baby girl. You turned 15 months a week ago, but you were so sick I couldn't bear to torture you by trying to take pictures. Better late than never, so here goes...

You have made leaps and bounds in the language department. You know a lot of words but you don't often volunteer them, but will say them when I ask you what something is.

You do make exceptions to this and the words shoe, mama, daddy, Nathan and "baba" (bottle) are frequently uttered.

Speaking of the "baba", we need to start kicking that to the curb. It will be painful for us both, but it really needs to happen before you urn 18 months old. You have now been warned.

 You are still as smiley as ever, but had a couple of weeks that you were just miserable. You got your first ear and sinus infections at the same time. You looked so sad, but are back to your chipper self now.

At your 15 month check up, they weighed you and I made them do it again just to be sure. You actually LOST weight from your 1 year appointment. You were 26.5 pounds (a whole pound less than 3 months ago) and are 33 inches tall. You have finally come down onto the chart for weight (woohoo!) in the 96th  percentile and are in the 99th percentile for height.

Your hair is finally starting to come in but for now I have dubbed you "baby bad hair" because the front grows straight forward and, when it is on your forehead, looks like an old man. You are still cute, don't worry! As soon as the summer comes, I pray the humidity helps that hair start to curl.

 You answer to Arielle, Ari-belle, puddin pie and "sisty" and when I point to you in the mirror and ask who it is you always say "baby".

When you are finished eating you put your hands out to the side, palms up, tilt your head to the side and shrug while you say "done".

There is nothing you have tried so far that you will not eat...including random objects from the floor.

You have been learning your animal noises and are starting to recognize animals in the book.

You are obsessed with books and will ask for one every chance you get.

You are wearing size 18-24 months in most clothes, unless they are really structured (like some jeans or khakis) and then you wear a 2T. You are in a 5.5 shoe.

You have a jealous streak that shows when Natey is on my lap or getting my cuddles. You will come over, screech and try to position yourself between us. It is hysterical.

You will turn off any light switch you can get your hands on. This is really fun when I am trying to brush your teeth.

Speaking of teeth you have all but the canines and 2nd molars. The bottom canines are on their way in and bugging you right now.

This is still the sign that you are tired. Thumb in the mouth and left hand on the ear.
I love you my sweet girl!


  1. Such a precious girl. I love the little things they do when they get sleepy. Glad she's feeling better. :)

  2. awww...that last pic! such a little punkin!

  3. Such sweet pictures. Glad she's finally feeling better!! You are amazing for creating such great eaters - as much as I think Lilah's great, there are things she definitely won't eat yet. Difference is she isn't mad when they're on her plate (like some picky boy I know.) : )

    So, on a random side note, I'm looking at your blog on Chad's MacBook (first time on a Mac), and your titles (post title, sidebar titles) are all too low and covering up words! I wonder how to fix that?? When I get a moment (haha), I'll try to look it up. I think I remember seeing some posts about it on the site where I learned how to do the titles.

  4. I just love these posts! I'm so glad she is doing better this week! The last pic is just priceless! Too cute for words :)

  5. Happy 15 months! She is so cute. Her hair is really starting to grow in quickly!

  6. What a cutie! Time sure is going fast. And again, no doubt she and Natey are siblings :)

  7. Such a charmer!! She's so cute.:-) I love that last picture. She's just adorable. Happy 15th months birthday to your lovely baby.:-)

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