Monday, May 23, 2011

Arielle at 18 months

Hello my darling 1 and a half year old!!!
It hurt me just to say, er, type that. *sniff*
While I wallow in the sadness that is my baby growing up, let's talk about what you've been doing this month.

You are finally getting some more hair!! Can we get a little parade in honor of this or something?? I thought it would never happen. It is also looking like you've got some curls too. Not as curly as Natey's hair, but I'll take it!

You are exploding in the word department and talking up a storm now. You have even used a few 2 word sentences recently. You have started asking "Peese" (please) when you want things. You won't tell me what it is that you want half the time, you just walk up and say please.

You are obsessed with going "Side" (outside) and will go get your shoes and stand by the door and repeat "Side peese" over and over until we either distract you or take you out.

 Once you get outside, keeping track of you is another story. You are an escape artist and a climber extraordinaire! I can't turn my back on you for a minute or you will be climbing the stairs or trying to run behind the pool (don't worry it's an above ground pool, she can't fall in) or trying to get onto your brother's trike...backwards.

 You are mommy's little helper. You like to pick up toys and throw them into their bins. This will come in handy since you are usually the one taking everything in sight out!

You have discovered the pouty face. Just look at it. If this is the drama I am getting at 18 months, I can only imagine what you have in store for me for the teen years.

 We did it! We kicked the bottle completely! I didn't know if it was going to happen by 18 months, but when we go for your well visit on Thursday I can look the Dr. in the eye as I say you are bottle free! It wasn't even difficult. Sometimes I don't give you enough credit.

You are still my chubby baby! You had a sick visit last week and were 27 pounds, 15 ounces. We'll see what the height stats are this week. I think it is hilarious that you only weigh 7 more ounces now than you did at 1 year. I bought you a bunch of 2T clothes thinking you might not fit in 24 months.....I might have to fix the pants now so they stay up. Oops. (UPDATE 27 pounds 8 ounces (94th percentile) 34 inches tall (97th percentile))

Unlike your brother you will actually wear hats! This is good considering your uber pale skin. I will be slathering you with sunscreen this summer, be forewarned!

 You have always been a good sleeper (except when you're sick) so i am wondering why you have been having some separation anxiety when we put you down to sleep the past week. Even if I just sit in the room with you, that seems to make you happy. This started after you were sick last week and I responded to every pep. Let's hope you get back on track soon.

You seem to be eating less these days. You will often turn your hands up and say "done" after only a few bites. I hope this isn't the start of some pickiness on your part. Last night you wouldn't eat the glazed carrots, but did keep asking for "Moy" (more) feta cheese. I guess it all balances out.

You are a tough cookie and it barely phases you when you get hurt. Even after falling and scraping your knee pretty bad, I didn't even realize you had hurt yourself until you sat down on a step for a minute. Now if your brother would just learn not to hug you so tight!


  1. She is a beauty! Can't believe how fast they grow~

  2. Her hair definitely is coming in, and oh so cute too. I can't get over how much she and Natey look alike.

  3. I just want to reach thru the screen and give her a squeeze!!! So much personality for such a little girl!

    Your last photo is totally worth framing. And, I LOVE her sunhat. Please don't tell me you made it.....

  4. I'm thinking our girls could have an AWESOME conversation together! K says "side" too and she LOVES it out there!!!

    Those curls are so cute and yep, she's pretty good at the pouty face. Happy 18 months to your sweet girl!

  5. Wow, 18 months already?!? She is adorable! Her hair really did grow a lot-love those curls!

  6. You do make such pretty babies, remind me again why you don't want a dozen of them?? It's that pesky sleep thing you were talking about, isn't it? ;)


  7. Her smile could melt anyone's heart. Darling.

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What you talkin' bout Willis??