Friday, May 27, 2011

In a word...Awesome!

 I met Lisa through blogging. Her friendship is one of the many things I cherish about this whole blogosphere thingy! I admired the gorgeous photos she took of her children and wished I could have my, not her children. Sadly, she lives in Canada. How was I ever going to make that happen? Well, thanks to the impulsive nature of my hubby we took an impromptu road trip to Montreal when I was pregnant with Arielle and had the most gorgeous photos taken of my family and the bump that was my baby girl.

I loved her and her photos so much that I wanted to share them with my friends and I arranged for her to come to RI last May for photo shoots and, since I can't get enough of her, she is coming back for more! We are planning stylized photo sessions for the week of July 3rd-9th in RI. If you live in New England and miss the chance to sign up for this, you will be kicking yourself, I promise. If you don't live in this area but have friends that do, send this info to them, or they will kick you! OK, there will be no actual kicking, but seriously she is way too awesome to miss!

Visit her photography blog for all of the info. There is a tab at the top of her blog for the RI sessions. It mentions a deadline of May 31st, but we have not met the minimum number yet so we are extending it for just a couple more weeks.

 Here are only a few photos of the amazing sessions we did last year and a couple more from her portfolio.  



  1. Just beautiful. You're making me wish I lived in RI!! That last one is too precious...

  2. Such AMAZING work - I've always loved your family photos!

  3. The pictures are beautiful! her work is incredible! :)

  4. Well, I will have to come to RI then! She is great, and core never takes family shots!

  5. Get on plane... go to Rhode Island... get fabulous pictures taken... (just making a mental checklist.) : ) Can't wait to see how the sessions turn out! Those Americana props are to die for!

  6. Wonderful!

    That pic of you holding Arielle sucking her thumb is one of my favorites. Though you look about 17 in the pic.


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