Thursday, May 12, 2011

Never underestimate your children

I have been dreading getting rid of Arielle's nighttime bottle. She drinks milk, water and juice out of sippy cups during the day, but since she was weaned from me and has taken a bottle at night she has had one. 8 ounces. Every night. We recently went through a little phase of her waking in the night for a week or so but are finally back to normal sleeping. I thought that if I took away the bottle she would be hungry and wake up for sure. Nate weaned himself from a bottle at 1 and so I never really had to try. At her 15 month visit, when I sheepishly admitted that she was still taking the bottle, the doctor told me that we should try to be bottle free by 18 months. Her 18 month well visit is in 2 weeks and, being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until last night to try to ditch the bottle. 

I expected some crying.

I expected her sweet voice to be asking for "mulk".

I didn't expect for it to not phase her in the least...which is what happened.

It went way too smoothly so then I expected her to wake in the night hungry and crying.

She had to be woken up at 7:15 this morning.

Never underestimate your kids. It just might be you who is more afraid of change than they are. It might be your subconscious last-ditch effort to hold on to something that keeps her a baby and not the toddler she has become.


  1. Fascinating! It's like she was saying "Whatever, no bottle. We're cool!"


  2. This was my experience with PTing Brennan, too.

    WTG Arielle!!

  3. Amazing how tough these little buggers are!! Its always surprising when they just cruise past these milestones as if nothing ever happened!

  4. Wow, nice and easy!! That's how it was for Lilah too... I thought for sure she wouldn't take a sippy of milk, but she did. In one day, she was done with bottles. Now if I could be brave enough to ditch the binky. I know it's more for me than anything. Might have to rock her a bit more at night, which might not be so bad anyway.

  5. glad it was easy! that's EXACTLY how it was with zora's binky. she still asks every once in a while, but i couldn't believe how uneventful it was. how was your mother's day?

  6. I'm so glad it went well!
    I had the same issue with Dylan, and the transition at 18 months was super easy, too!

  7. totally true! and my theory, is when they are balanced, well adjusted kids, they just don't freak over the small stuff like that. all mine were the same way! glad it was a breeze...sorry your baby is growing up!

  8. I totally agree!!! However, I still give Olivia a bottle in the mornings just because it makes her sleep longer. The pediatrician keeps telling me to take her off of it, but it gives me an extra hour of quite time in the morning! I'm totally doing it for selfish reasons.

  9. WOW. Nate still drinks all of his milk from a bottle, all day. He doesn't really like juice or water so I freely admit that I am afraid of how this will go. Our doctor has never ever asked about what he drinks or what he drinks it from.

    What sort of wind-down routine do you have now?

    Nate loves his bottle so much he claps when I get it for him lately.

  10. awwww! I know, I think we held on way too long with some things with Kingston. Still trying to get him off the pacifier! I wish we would have done it back before he was 2..... Yay for an easy transition though! :)

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