Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monster Party!!

My boy turned 4 yesterday. {Insert sniffles here} After much debate we settled on Monsters as the theme for his birthday party. Being the over achiever that I am, I set out to make a ton of stuff for the party. We had 25 adults,18 kids and 2 babies at the party. Too bad we also had RAIN! I had grand plans of a beautiful tablescape set up under our tent outside, children running their energy out in the yard or jumping in the bouncy house, and 2 organized games being played by all but 5 minutes after guests started arriving it began to pour and everything had to be moved inside. So much for grand plans. The kids still had a blast destroying playing in Nate's room and the family room so that's all that matters, right?? Without further ado, pics from the party...
Natey's party shirt that I made (and Liz helped me finish. THANKS!!)
Meet  melon monster. Don't get too close...you might lose a digit!
Juice box wrappers, candy dipped pretzels & wooden spoons and blueberry ice cream all made my me. Vanilla ice cream and rain soaked mini beach balls, not.

Kiddos decorated their own monster masks as they arrived.

Favor cones!
Monster hand puppets on parade!

Yes, I made them. Yes, I'm crazy. There, I saved you from asking.

The two games that didn't officially get played because of the lack of space in the house. Grrrr. At least the kids played the beanbag toss a little bit.

All in all, everyone had a great time. I got a little ambitious on my projects so I didn't finish a couple of things that I really wanted to do. I did love how everything came out though. Happiest 4th Birthday my big boy! I hope you enjoyed it 'cause next year this tired mama is having your party at Germy Chuck E. Cheese!

Since I always want to know where stuff came from, I will break it down for ya!

Invitation: Made and designed by me, Picture edited for maximum awesomeness by Lisa (Salt and Light Studio)
Nate's shirt: Made by me with simple felt which was sewn onto the shirt
Monster melon: Me, with inspiration from HERE
Juicebox wrappers, Pin the eye on the monster game made by me with monster images (also used on the invite) from: Babystar Design
Monster Puppets and favor cones: Made by me with the help of my hubby! Now's that's teamwork!
Cupcakes: Me. Sprinkles and candy eyes were from Michael's Craft store
Little paper cups and wooden spoons for ice cream and cupcake wrappers: Shop Sweet Lulu and inspiration for them: One Charming Party
Monster Beanbag toss game: Amazon.com
Masks, beach balls and monster suckers: Oriental Trading Company
Super cool monster stickers: Fishcakes by Voz Perkins
Inspiration for monster party ideas: J. at your service and Kara's Party Ideas


  1. Great job! I get tired always just reading your over-ambitious posts :) Looks like it was a fantastic party, and T would have had a blast for sure.

  2. AHHH!!! From one Birthday Party Freak to another, I love it!!!

  3. Damn Woman, you got mad mommy skillz! We should combine forces some day and do parties professionally (just in case you ever think about quittin' your scientist gig)! Exhausting but fun, I'm sure....:)

  4. Looks like you didn't lack in the great-picture department, despite it being indoors! LOVE EVERYTHING!!! First pic is awesome, with Nate's outfit (good job on the shirt!) and that blue backdrop. Aidan's orange stripey shorts from last year still fit!

    The food turned out great! Love the fruit monster. And the puppets... you outdid yourself! I know what you mean about getting over-amibitious and not completing everything. I'm still kicking myself over not using my cupcake stand. Oh well - there's always next year! And maybe you'll get SUN!

  5. Well everyone had a good time...rain and all. Jack had a blast, especially when he was playing games with Nate and I had fun playing with my new camera and trying to figure out how the heck to get decent pictures without a flash inside (not all of them were taken in auto :)

  6. That IS the best monster party EVER!!! I am so impressed with all of your hard work - WOW! I'm sorry it rained but it still looks fantastic. You should look into party planning, seriously...

  7. You are the COOLEST. My kids have never had a party as awesome as that! LOL

  8. You did an amazing job! I hope he had a great birthday!

  9. AMAZING! I am a little scared of what you and Heather could throw together if you guys lived in the same state :)

  10. Seriously fantastic!! Martha would be very proud.

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