Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natey at 4 years old

Natey you are 4!
 You never miss a chance to tell people that too.
It is almost a part of your name now, "I'm Nathan. I'm 4 years old".
It is the cutest thing.

At your 4 year check-up you were 45 pounds and 42.5 inches tall! That puts you in the 95th and 92nd percentiles. You gained 5 pounds and 1.5 in 3 months! I knew you were going through a growth spurt when you kept telling me you were starving right after you ate!

You have come leaps and bounds in the last few months with your, ahem, cooperative spirit. I have seen such a change in your willingness to listen and help out. I am starting to give you more "responsibilities" and you are rising to the challenge.

You can get dressed almost all by yourself now. Socks are still a mommy job and you can get your pants on if they aren't too snug and a regular button is not involved. Shoes are hit or miss. I know you know how to put them on and you will do it sometimes, but often you give up and ask for help.

You are still an amazing eater. You are actually a better eater than I was at 25 years old! You eat a wide variety of foods and have an awesome attitude when it comes to trying new things. We have a motto and repeat it every time you are unsure. I say, "If you try it..." and you reply, "I might LIKE it!" and will always take at least a bite.

You are still a mini-me but are starting to look a lot more like daddy. You have now developed a dislike for eggs and regular milk. I swear I have NEVER told you I didn't like either of those. It seems I passed it directly through my DNA to you. ;)

You are inquisitive and ask so many questions. You always want to know about things, but your latest obsession is asking about what will happen when you are 100 years old. It shows me you still don't get the concept of time completely!

You are still  a great sleeper. After going through a battle with early waking we bought you a clock that turns green when it is ok for you to get up and you rarely exit your room before that time! Best. Idea. Ever!

You would never wear clothes if we didn't make you. Any chance to strip down, you will take it. We went to our friend's property and, on our walk, came upon a perfect, serene lake. It was a matter of seconds before you ran in with no clothes. I will only let you get away with this until you're 5, so you'd better enjoy it now!

You also have no sense of when it might be an inappropriate time and/or place to pee. Just so you know, on the patio at our friend's cookout, in front of EVERYONE is not one of those times. They make toilets for a reason. Just because you CAN pee anywhere, doesn't mean you should! (SOOOOO embarrassing for me)

You are a sweet, sweet boy! You are also a little charmer and have been telling me (about every pretty girl you meet) that you are going to, "Marry her". You bat your long lashes and smile your one-dimpled smile and they just melt. All of the women love it and I'm sure the girls your age don't get it, so we're good. You never miss an opportunity to compliment someone. You told Auntie that she looked pretty in her dress. I could just smoosh you!

With the return of summer weather came the return of beach days. This is basically EVERY picture I take of you at the beach. You have zero desire to come out of the water. We literally have to drag you out and you think it is funny to turn around and sprint back to the water once we've got you back at the blanket. You want to learn to boogie board and then surf. I think we should start at square one and get you some real swimming lessons first.

Your language development continues to amaze me and everyone else. Lately everything is "Extremely" (good, bad, long, etc.). You like teaching your sister new words and then clapping for her when she gets them. The funniest thing You have tried to get her to say had been, "Ultimate Alien". I have no idea what that is or where you heard it, but it is hilarious.
You continue to be obsessed with all things super hero and when we play you like to tell daddy and I that we are whatever hero you are at the moment's brother and sister and we have to "Get the evildoers!"

 You graduated from Pre-school and are starting Pre-K in the fall. You know how to write all of your letters and can count to 59 with no prompting. If I help you a little, you can get to 100. You still seem to have no interest in coloring or drawing pictures, but we will continue to work on that.

Your imagination is very active and you like to blame things on "Casper" when I asked you if you did something bad.

I think you are having bad dreams because of your crazy imagination so every night I have to make sure your closet door is closed and I do a "spell" to keep monsters away from you in the night.

Since we cut the cable we have been watching only Netflix. You have been loving some old school shows like He-man and Inspector Gadget. It is pretty funny. You are also watching Power Rangers and Barney with your sister (kill me now). My favorite thing is the lack of commercials and no more, "Can I have THAT for my birthday?".

I love to watch you grow. Thanks for being my sweet boy.


  1. wow! such a great post! and what a big boy!!! sounds like an exact mixture of jack and're in trouble!!!

  2. So Nate is officially the same size as Tommy - too funny!!

    Happy #4 Nate!! Enjoy it while you can!!

    (and see...I told you 4 was so much better than 3!!)

  3. Oh gosh - how do you keep from hugging on him all day long? (Oh wait, you probably DO! :)

    I love those curls, that grin, and all those funny things you write about!

    And Itty Bit had that sparkler for his #5 birthday recently too!

  4. I need to know what alarm clock you got him! I need one ASAP!

  5. He is a big boy! My 7 year old weighs 48 pounds - ha!

    I love how you tell us all about what he's up to and his personality. He sure is cutie!

  6. I can't believe how grown up he looks...What a handsome guy!
    He is big! Dylan is 6 1/2, and although he is 4 feet tall, he's only 43 lbs!


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