Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arielle at 20 months

Happy 20 months baby girl!

I should probably say little girl not baby, but since you still call yourself that, I'm going with it for a little longer.

I would say what have you been up to this month, but it is more like what have you NOT been up to!!!
You are still gross and eating things you find anywhere and everywhere and when I ask you what's in your mouth you will reply, "Nuttin" or "Idunno". You are too young to be using the I don't know excuse!

Everything is, "MINE" right now, no matter if it belongs to you or not.

Your hair is finally long enough for piggy tails. Too bad you leave them in for all of 10 minutes before you say, "Hurts" and try to rip them out. We need to toughen up your head! I think you went so long with no hair that you aren't used to accessories.

In the car you yell at Natey to hold his hand and then when he lets you you say, "Meet you, meet yooou". We assume this is nice to meet you, but have no idea where you picked it up.

I love to give you hugs and ask, "Who loves you?". You always reply, "Mommy!!"

You are a climber.  I have mentioned this before, but now you have done the ultimate no-no and are climbing out of your crib. Luckily someone is giving us a crib tent because, while you are all "Mission Impossible" and stealthily climb out, I don't want you getting hurt. Also, I am so not ready to be putting you back in bed every 5 seconds, so no real bed in your immediate future.

You are sort of getting back to normal on the sleeping problem. While you don't sleep through the night every night, you are getting better and I will keep trying until you are back to your self.
Patience is not a virtue you possess quite yet. If you want something, you want it now and no amount of trying to explain that I'm working on your request helps.
Every morning when I get you out of your crib you snuggle up to me and we rock for a couple of minutes in your room. I love these precious moments I have with you.
You love the bath and get mad if it's not a bath night. Any time we walk in the bathroom you yell "bath" or "teeth". I'm glad you are so concerned with proper hygiene.

Some of the funny things you are saying right now are, "Leg-go" when I try to hold you down to change your diaper and  "Oh God", which might be is totally my fault.

You aren't really interested in TV, which is fine with me. You will sit still for a few minutes for "Barneesh" (Barney) or Elmo, but you quickly lose interest and start looking for things to climb.

You can say Arielle but when I ask you your name you say "Baby". This is fine with me!

You are obsessed with putting things in the trash. You will pick things up and say, "Gahbich" and throw them away. I have only caught you putting one thing that wasn't trash in there, so that's good.

Until next month my sweet girl!!


  1. She is too beautiful! Olivia will keep the pig tails in finally, but no luck with bows or headbands! You know...the cute stuff! : )

  2. I'm going to be all secretive....

    you already know my comments :)

  3. Oh "The Picture", it is incredibly CUUUTTTEE, you are so right! Will be sending you some new pics for your header and side bar soon, very soon. See if Ms. Heather will work her magic for you, k?

    Kiss "the baby" for me, I miss her smooches already. :(

  4. What a sweet baby girl! Love you both! :)

  5. She is so precious. She looks just like natey. Some of those looks :) Love the piggie tails. too cute.

  6. Love her piggy tails and her toddler talk! And that shirt with the turtle on it is SO cute!

  7. OMG she's grown so much! I love these monthly pictures.

    Wish you were going to blogher too! I'm so glad we met there last year. Hopefully I'll see you soon my friend :)

  8. I LOVE her pigtails! She is so adorable!

  9. Gosh she is the cutest! Love her little sayings - glad you're recording them here!

    (Too funny about diaper time!)

  10. She is such a cutie and SO BIG! Holy cow!

  11. Beautiful girl!! She looks just like you!


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