Monday, December 12, 2011

Arielle waddles into 2!! Purple Penguin Birthday

Some beautious girl went and turned 2! I'm not sure what makes her think she can just keep growing when I clearly wish to freeze her in the uber cuteness that she is right at this moment. Oh well, that's what blogging is for, right??

Lil' Miss Arielle has a penchant for penguins, so I thought I'd take remove the Christmasy vibe and go with a cute purple, black and white theme for her party. I made the invites in Photoshop and then ran from there with the color scheme.

I wanted it to be cute without looking too grown up. She is only two, you know. I was thrilled with how everything came out. We decided to make it easy on ourselves and do catered sandwiches and picnic salads instead of trying to make food. This was the best idea ever. I can't tell you how many parties we have had at our house when people are arriving and I am still not even dressed because I am still cooking or putting things together. Shut up. I am not a procrastinator. Ok, maybe a little. Anyway, it was a life saver! I made cake pops, candy dipped pretzel sticks and had fresh fruit, dark chocolate kisses and oreos. My amazing Sister-in-law owns a bakery in Boston called Treats on Washington. Her bakery made Arielle's cake and it was amazing!

Without further ado, here are the pictures from the party!

 It was an amazing 60 degrees on the day of her party, so all of the kids were running around outside...minus the time they were destroying my family room. For party favors, I got the super cute penguin boxes on Etsy and I made felt penguin masks for the kiddos and then gave them little sticker books. I made Arielle's party shirt and I'm glad I took a few pictures before she proceeded to ruin it with Oreos and all kinds of other mess! The penguin clip came from another Etsy shop. (I love supporting handmade when I can!) I made the table surround out of 2 pieces of fabric that I simply pinned together. The best part is, I can reuse the fabric...I see a purple dress in Arielle's future.

Overall, it has to be the most relaxed party I have thrown to date. We kept it small and I did as much as I could in advance. I had a couple other projects that I didn't get to, and I didn't let it bother me. This is big for me. Overachievers have a hard time admitting defeat!

 It was a bittersweet moment watching my baby turn 2. She'll be the last and I don't want the baby to fade into childhood too quickly. Happy birthday Puddin Pie!


  1. I love it!!!! You did an awesome job (as always)!!!! I love the pengiun theme!!! I cannot believe she's two!!! Love that pic of Nate!!! : )

  2. Ariel looks so much like you! (Nate looks a little mad, I have to say. A tough guy, for sure.)

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!!!
    That has got to be one of the cutest birthday themes ever. I love it all!

  4. Ok, I just tried to leave a big ol' comment and it didn't work!! Blogger is lame sometimes. Anyway, awesome party and way to go on getting it catered and feeling relaxed. It's amazing how much time and energy that whole food-making thing takes!

    I can't believe Arielle's 2. Lilah's almost 2! It's freakin' ridiculous!

  5. What an awesome party! Many birthday wishes for your little angel! :)

  6. love it!! the cake really turned out perfectly! the pics are great...especially the one with all the kids in their masks (where someone was picking his beak). miss reading your posts. i've been better this past month but i don't know how long it will last! merry christmas!

  7. Aww, everything looks so wonderful Kam. She is such a cutie pie, I hope I get to see her before she gets too much bigger! I love the photo of Nate he is such a little Scampoli face, so cute!

    I got really excited when you mentioned your amazing sister in law and then I remembered that I don't own a bakery. Ahh, yes its the other amazing sister in law, that's it! ;) Cake looked great!

  8. AHHHH! The cuteness is killing me!Your kids AND the party! I love that theme. And somehow I think it would not be nearly as cute to do it for my BOY. You think?!?!

    Gah - just adorable! Happy Birthday Arielle! (Is it weird that I firmly recall the guessing game for her birthdate to be just a few months ago?)

  9. Everything is SO cute Kameron! You did a fabulous job with the party and the food. And her shirt is just darling. Happy WAY belated birthday to your sweet little girl!


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