Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my Valentine!

I don't care how many times I have seen this on the Internet, I still love the idea of it! I took his picture, fancied it up in Photoshop and printed them at Walgreens. Easy and so cute. Of course, picture it with a lollipop in his hand. I tried to take a picture of it with the lollipop, but it blocked the words and, my procrastinating self waited until it got dark to try to get a pic of the completed card, so it looked like poo anyway. OK fine, it was bugging me not to put in the final...

 Arielle is still going to a home daycare (For a couple more months...more on that later...sniff) so I attempted to make her caregiver a cute card. I was ill prepared since I got the idea to do more than just a Hallmark yesterday. I love the picture of Arielle though. She did that to herself because she wanted to be a princess. I think she looks every bit the part...long underwear jammies and all.

Arielle helped make the cards for the 3 kids she is with every day. She wanted to show me where each button and pom pom should go....except she kept trying to cover the holes I had punched for the lollipops. I think they turned out exactly how she wanted. ;)

Last but not least on this day filled with hearts, a little Valentine's Day breakfast...actually made on Sunday since I have zero desire to attempt this on a school day!


  1. Those are DARLING - working mamas can totally rock the homemade Valentine thing - so impressive. I love the photos of both kiddos - they are a-freaking-dorable!

  2. I love the lollipop card idea. Yours turned out great as did Arielle's. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love that lollipop idea too! I wanted to do it,but the boys wouldn't agree. Boogers.
    Arielle's card? Adorable!

  4. serious cuteness. love the sucker valentine idea. i need to remember that one.


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