Sunday, February 19, 2012

Menu on Sunday

I always like to include our Sunday meal in the weekly plan, so I think it makes more sense to post on Sunday. That way I can start the week with a more fun, rather than utilitarian post like what we're eating for dinner!

Sunday lunch: Mini corn dog muffins with grapes and Stonyfield tube yogurts on the side. I just had to include lunch since it was something new and fun...and delicious! I am totally making these  again for a party!
Sunday dinner:Spinach stuffed shells and Caesar salad. I decided to do just a marinara instead of the turkey meat sauce since we'll be having turkey burgers later in the week.
Monday: Turkey burgers and baked zucchini fries.
Tuesday: Chicken taquitos with black beans and rice (my sil's recipe) and my guacamole.
Wednesday:  Beef Stew. Hubby's recipe, he's making it. In the pressure cooker. It is delicious, but I will never get him to write down a recipe for me.
Thursday: Marinated broiled (can't wait until we can get grilling again!) lemon herb chicken breast and asparagus orzo salad.
Friday: Pizza movie night! I think we'll make our pizza this week. It will help me stay on track with my eating. I am going to make a fresh motz margarita pizza on wheat crust (from our local bakery) for the grown ups and some cheese and olive pizza for the kidlets.

Notes on last week's dinners:
The Mexican lasagna was a huge hit all around, so I will post a recipe this week with pictures.
The Hamburger buddy was devoured as well. Delicious, quick and sneaky with its shredded carrots and mushrooms mixed in.
The puffed pastry chicken was a flop. No one liked it...not even me. It's a shame because it looked so good.


  1. Love the new look!!! Man, I'm really behind on blog reading! Your recipes are making me hungry. Have you made those zucchini fries before? Saw them on your Pinterest board. Sounds yummy!!!

  2. Thanks for reviewing last week's meals - that definitely helps me decide what to try next.

    I totally pinned that lemon orzo asparagus salad too - I love anything that combines lemon and pasta and lately I'm a lover of asparagus as well.

    LOVE the new look - did you design it? If not, who did? Looks fantastic!

  3. I'm going to have to try those zucchini fries too - I LOVE all things zucchini. Its amazing what a chore meal planning can be, but it really does save so much time when shopping and cooking during the week.

  4. I need to try those zucchini fries. Although I'd probably be the only one to eat them... ;)

    Love your new look, by the way!!

  5. We do those corn dog muffins and they are so good. Think I'll add that to our list this week.

    I agree about posting this on Sunday. I may join you. I never want to post it on Monday but when I'm stuck for a dinner idea, it's nice to look back on for ideas.


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