Friday, February 17, 2012

When you don't

Thank you, honey, for bringing in the garbage cans before I got home on Tuesday.

...because I usually notice when you don't.

Thank you, my sweet little girl, for giving me a full night's rest every day for the last week.

...because I often complain about it when you don't.

Thank you, my feisty boy, for getting ready this morning with a cheerful attitude.

...because I usually stress out when you don't.

Thank you heavy can of garbanzo beans, that fell out of the cupboard, for just missing cracking me in the head.

...because I always scream expletives when you don't.

Thank you, best friend, for knowing I need a night out and giving me something to look forward to after a crazy week.

...because I miss you when you don't.

Just a little reminder to myself to catalog the random, good things that happen to me and not just dwell on the bad. Hopefully, if I do it more, I can change my point of view just a little every day towards the positive.


  1. Love this! Funny how we see the "when you don't"s and miss the "when you do's"

  2. FABULOUS!! i need the same reminder, thanks for this!

  3. Good plan. I need to do this more often too. Glad Miss A is letting you sleep! :)

  4. Ahh...I wish we lived closer! (But then we'd probably never have met.)


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