Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arielle at 2 years & 4 months

In just a month this little girl has managed to develop a whole new set of tricks. How do kids do this? I wish I had the ability to learn at this rate. I'd give Bill Gates a run for his money. Or just be able to win trivia games. Either way, it would be pretty cool.  

My blond beauty. You get more gorgeous every day. I took this picture with my cruddy cell phone camera as I was putting you in the car. I had to. I wanted to remember how you take my breath away all the time. 

You want to buckle yourself into the car now. I want to let you, but my poor accident prone girl, you tend to pinch yourself.

Speaking of accident prone, you managed to fall down a few stairs at daycare, slice the top of your foot open and require 3 stitches to close it back up. I really thought Nate was going to be my ER nightmare, but it is turning out to be you. This marks 3 ER visits before the age of 2 1/2. 

Your hair is getting so long and unruly. I try to get it in "tails" as much as possible, but you only tolerate it for short periods of time before you start ripping them out. The bangs are almost long enough to go back into the pony tail, but for now they hang in your face most of the time. 

You have really started picking up the pace on potty training. You think it is actually called the "potty train". Every time you go in it you say you went "poopy in the potty train". All I can picture is a train made up of toilets, but anywhoo.

You have decided that you are "Baby berstin (Berenstein Bear) bey-ar" and get mad if I call you anything but that or Arielle. 

You and Natey get along for the most part...when he is not covering your mouth, ripping his stuff from your hands, or tormenting you in some other way. We are really working on the way you two interact and it is finally getting better. You idolize him and if he could just realize that we'd be all set.

Some of the random things you have been saying are "Meep" and then you poke us in the nose, you hold my chin and tell me I'm your sweetie pie, and you will always talk about your uncles that you haven't seen in weeks.

You take your socks off in the car and put them on your hands and then say, "Hi puppet" in the funniest voice.  

You are a climber. You can't walk without falling over, but you can scale the rock wall thing at the playground  without hesitation. Some wierdo lady told me I shouldn't hover under you as you climbed the wall. I told her that she could go to the ER for the 4th time with you if you fell and broke your arm. That seemed to shut her up. 

You have yet to sleep over anywhere. I'm not sure why the grandparents are afraid to take you. You go down like a dream and sleep really well now. It might have something to do with the busy bee you are. If you'd stop upending everything you come across that would be good. 

I gave you one chocolate covered coffee bean. You call them "coffee sweeties" and now bug me for them all the time. Nate ate one and spit it in the trash. I guess dark chocolate and coffee aren't his thing. 

You are the perfect balance of baby and big "Grrr" (you can't say the l) and I love you to pieces. 


  1. That many visits to the ER before the age of 2 with Reagan is how I became "Doctor Mommy" around here!

    She really is beautiful! And I love her unruly hair!

  2. Man she is sweet! Gabe puts socks on his hands all the time. Never read about that phase in any child book. We must ave extra special babies!

    It's funny to hear you talk about her and Nate. Sounds just like Josie and Gabe. They are finally really starting to enjoy each other but she does not want to share her things and for sure thinks she is the boss!

  3. She is too cute!! If it makes you feel any better I think Jack made it close to the double digits in ER visits.

  4. She is a beauty! She has changed so much. She looks like a little girl now!


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