Monday, March 26, 2012

March Madness...

...that has nothing to do with basketball. What madness am I speaking of? Oh, you know, the kind that starts the first day of the month off with snow and then 3 weeks later does this...
WTFrick?? Seriously.

When I saw the forecast for last week and noticed that every day was supposed to range from high 60's through the 80's, I decided to take a day out of work.  I spent the day with my hubby. We went shopping for spring fashions (mine not his) and then had our first frozen lemonade of the year. 

Arielle was digging the warmer weather all week in true puppy fashion. 
She kept asking me to roll down her window so she could open her mouth and face the wind.
This further solidifies my argument that two year olds are much like small animals.

 The kids played in the yard in short sleeves and then in shorts. I had to go dig the summer bins out of the basement a full 2 months ahead of schedule.

This week has been glorious.
 I have run outside 4 times and have felt happier than I have since the cold set in.
Of course, the forecast for the next 2 weeks shows temps back into the 40's and 50's, but it's coming.

Summer is almost here and we're looking at life through these.


  1. What! That's not Dels!! ;)

    Last week was incredible. I am sad that it is cold again, but the little taste of summer was great and is making me look forward to it so much!

  2. It has been crazy here too! From the 70's to the 80's!!! back to 30's...i take all the warmth I can!

  3. Wasn't it AMAZING? We're in Connecticut and I couldn't stop saying "This weather! I love it!" I let the kids play in the water table on the patio and we ate outside every night. And we turned off the heat...although when it got down to 59 in the house today I turned it back on. It's funny how cold the "seasonal" temps in the 50's and 60's feel now, isn't it?

    Stopping by from Elaine's!

  4. Okay, that sunglasses shot takes the cake! Love it! :-D Glad you're enjoying the gorgeous weather.

  5. OMG love that last photo of Nate - gorgeous weather is invigorating, isn't it? We had the same last week, but it's a bit cooler this week and I'm feeling it!

  6. The weather has just been so crazy! Glad you guys got to get out there and enjoy it!

    (And oh my heck - I LOVE those flowered pants of Arielle's!)

  7. Love the pictures of the kids!!! They are so stinking cute!!!


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