Sunday, March 18, 2012

Menu Planning Sunday

Last week were were semi-off the meal planning wagon. Our electrical system was acting up and the power had to be off for the whole day on Monday. This meant that there was no use in filling up a fridge that would not be staying cold. I still made a plan, but it was haphazardly followed. Subsequently we ate like bleh last week. It is nice to be back in the swing!

Sunday: Creamy tomato and chicken sausage pasta.*
Monday: Baked Cod with chorizo and whie beans with steamed green beans. (Using turkey kielbasa to sub for chorizo)
Tuesday: Baked creamy Chicken Taquitos and salad.
Wednesday: Grilled BBQ pork loin with roasted potatoes and parsnips and broccoli.
Thursday: My killer shrimp with asparagus and rice.
Friday: Takeout of some kind since I am sick to death of pizza!!
Saturday: Leftovers

*The recipe called for turkey sausage but I used chicken sausage. I used one spicy and one mild and only 1/2 cup of cream. I started adding it and, to be honest, thought it would have been too much to add any more. I also didn't have Italian diced tomatoes so I used regular and added Italian seasoning to it along with a little salt and pepper. We used the whole grain penne from Barilla and it was delicious! This is going into the rotation for sure.


  1. We are pretty off the menu planning wagon this week, so I know how you feel!

    I'm adding that sausage pasta to next week's rotation...baked taquitos look yummy too. I'm expecting a full report back on those ;)

  2. The nice thing about this wave of heat we're getting is that summer cooking is on its way! Summer salads and grilling is what its all about.


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