Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Favorite Things Swap: My Goodies!

It's here! It's here! My swap package from my awesome partner, Amber from The Binkertation, came! I love getting mail...that isn't a bill. Getting things I order in the mail is also fun, but it is even more exciting when it is a surprise! The whole gist of the swap is to send someone a package of your favorite things and they send you a box of their favorite things. I have to say, I love my box. What I loved even more than getting my package was the fact that Mamarazzi matched us so perfectly! We are both working moms with 2 kiddos that are about the same ages apart, we both have advanced degrees and love cooking. More than the fun stuff (which is awesome), I got a new friend out of the deal.  Without further ado, here's what I got!

1. & 3. A yummy smelling votive candle and holder. I love citrus smell. It is so fresh and clean and will be a welcome addition to the bathroom!
2. A Burt's Bees Acai chap stick, which is hilarious because I sent her the same one! I can't live without it!
4. A Starbucks gift card. I am usually a Dunkin kinda girl, but I love to splurge every now and then and get a java chip frap from Starbucks. It is a guilty pleasure and I am looking forward to using it!
5. A Cooking Light Magazine. I have recently got back into meal planning every week and finding delicious and healthy meals can be challenging. I am going to use a couple recipes for next week's meals.
6. The sweetest card explaining why she chose each item! This is probably my favorite part of the box. I get super excited over these kind of things and it is so fun to see that she shares my joy!
7. The most awesome scarf!! I wore it the next day after I opened my box. (see below) and I think I have found a new favorite accessory.
8. A bright, cheery tank from Old Navy with a cute detail on the back. It is making me long for summer.
9. Gorgeous card stock. I love, love, love crafting and these will fit nicely into my collection. I already have a plan for the damask and the orange and gray one. :)
10. Godiva chocolate covered almonds. These are not in the big picture as I didn't realize Arielle had stolen them before I snapped the shots! I did take a solo shot. I love dark chocolate. In fact, I sent Amber something similar too. see, we were meant to be swap partners!

 I do not usually post pics of myself, but this scarf was too cute to show just laying on the table!

I am thinking of painting our room gray and I want to use the orange flowered paper in a frame for a project that I also saw on Amber's "From Pins to Projects" post! (The link to the original project is on her blog)

 Check out Mamarazzi, the amazing organizer of these swaps I love so much! I can't wait to go see all of the goodies that peopel got! Oh and check out Amber. She is you can see some of the fun stuff I made for her...since I stink and forgot to take pictures of it before I sent it. Ha!



  1. YAY!!! I'm SO happy you liked everything and it's so funny that we sent such similar items. We were truly perfectly matched and I'm so glad I participated. The scarf looks FANTASTIC on you - yay!

  2. What a great package you got - am loving that scarf!

  3. What fun! i want that scarf too! It is perfect for spring!

  4. I LOVE the scarf!!! So cute!!!

    Btw... totally love your handmade awesomeness! Where can I get some for myself? :)

  5. oh my goodness i love that scarf and it looks darling on you!! she put together an incredible package, fantastic!!

    thanks for playing, i love what you sent too!

  6. Yay for favorite things swaps! Enjoy all your goodies.

  7. That picture of you is GORGEOUS!

  8. And I wonder if she just got that tank at Old Navy!!?!? I love it!

  9. Great package!

    That scarf is so cute!

  10. Wow! You got some very pretty things. I love the scarf, and the cardstock is *to die for*

    Linking from Mamarazzi's :D

    Ricki Jill

  11. Can't decide which I like better; the chocolate almonds or the scarf. :)

  12. Love this idea of doing a swap! I think i'll try and organize one myself! I'm also loving your scarf! So cute :) Great package & Post -Kate

  13. What a pretty scarf! Scarves are great to wear any time of the year. (I'm addicted to them.)


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