Thursday, March 8, 2012

The things they say

I always mean to write down some of the things my kids say so, when they become moody teenagers who don't speak much at all, I can remember how cute they were. This week, two such moments happened that need to be on the books.

Scene: I'm in the bathroom with Nate and we are brushing our teeth.

Nate: Mommy, I love you more than Ice Cream!
Me: Thanks sweetie. I love you more than anything. (I melt a little inside)
Nate: Mommy, I love you more than BEE STINGS. (laughing hysterically) I really don't like bee stings!
Me: Palm to forehead. So much for our sappy sweet moment...

Scene: Upon waking, I pull a rosy-cheeked girl out of her crib and she asks for snuggles.

Arielle: (Sucking her thumb and laying on my chest) Mmmmm. My a baby.
Me: You are my baby!
Arielle: Actually (which sounds like "axshullee"), my a Princess!


  1. ::melt:: Those are both moments you don't want to lose!! Nate reminds me of Audrey :)

  2. Sweet! I try to remeber the things my kids say but then when it comes to blogging time all I can remember is that they said something really funny ... but for the life of my I just can't remember.

  3. SO cute. I need to start writing down the funny and cute things my son does. I know I'll forget one day. I love the things kids say and do. Adorable!

  4. Both were super adorable! I love the princess comment!
    Asher told me a while ago, "Mom, I like that you have a flat stomach and not a big flubby one." Uh, thanks?

  5. I love the things the kiddos say! So cute, so fun, so innocent. One of my recent faves that T said to me was "Your butt isn't as big as Aunt Amy's". Thanks kiddo, I'll make sure I tell her that.


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