Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Day: May 2012

If the first day of this month was an indcator of how the rest of May will go, wake me up on the first day of June.

Join us at Nicole's for the first day project!


  1. Your Whole Foods is pretty! And please tell me those gel packs aren't your lunch!

  2. This definitely wasn't the stellar start to May we were all hoping for I think!!! Hope this month gets better....quickly!!!

  3. I took all my pics with Instagram. Still haven't gotten my post up though, thanks to non-sleeping children!

  4. When are you taking the gels in your run? How often? I haven't started with those yet and it just seems weird eating while running, though I totally understand what they are for.

    Hope your month gets better!!! :)

  5. That is a C-UTE picture of your little girl!!!

  6. blah - dreary!! I hear ya - it's yuck here too, both inside (sickies) and out!

    By the way, I always want to join in on this first day post and always forget - where's my reminder email, Kameron ;)

  7. Is it because it was cold?

    Also, have you tried the strawberry/banana GU? It's my favorite!! :)

  8. Yucky weather! I hope this month improves for you!

  9. Smiled at that last picture... you can't help it. She is adorable!

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