Saturday, May 5, 2012

Running down a dream

I am sitting here on a Saturday night reading blogs. It is Cinco de Mayo. This afternoon I had a good laugh with my husband about how, in younger years, we would have been drunk by now.  Oh the days before kids and real responsibility. Now, instead of imbibing margaritas I am drinking water in preparation for my long run tomorrow. By long, I mean l-o-n-g (for me anyway). Tomorrow will be the first time I will run 11 miles. Last week was 9.5 miles and the sense of accomplishment I felt after I finished was amazing. It was quickly followed by another feeling....aching. My 33 year old body wishes that my 20-something body had taken up running years ago. Well, I didn't then but I am proud to say that I have now.

Two weeks from tomorrow I will run 13.1 miles. Yikes! The thought of me running a half marathon is mind-blowing to me. I talked about it a while ago,when I first started training. Ten weeks have gone by and I am sticking with it. That in and of itself is an accomplishment for me. I tend to peter out when it comes to sticking with exercise. The only other time I kept up a routine successfully was when I got in shape for my wedding. I wore a strapless dress. Damn, I need my wedding back back.

I know running isn't the answer to getting myself to where I want to be, but it is a big part of the goal. Sticking to it. Forming a habit. A healthy one. Now if only I could wire my jaw shut or find a way to say no to the treats, I'd be set!


  1. Congrats - how amazing! So glad you've had this success, it has to feel pretty darn rewarding :)

  2. You're doing Kameron and isn't it wonderful? You're going to feel SUCH an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you do cross that finish line! So excited for you!

    And yes, I often wish I had taken up running earlier in life too... :)

  3. I'm so happy that we are doing this - my knees currently aren't so fond of the idea, but I'll sway them. 2 weeks and we'll be sitting back relaxing (icing) proud of ourselves for this very impressive accomplishment.

  4. Love it! I successfully ran 1 mile the other day and almost took myself to Disney World to celebrate! you are doing awesome!

  5. Kameron, you are amazing!!! Have you really only been training 10 weeks?!

    I've been getting back into running - I'm on week 6- and yesterday I ran 2.5 miles. A far cry from your 11!!! That's just incredible to me! And, by the way, my 27 year old body aches after a run, too, and I'm not even going very far, lol.

    You are totally an inspiration!!! Are you signed up to do a half marathon? My next big goal is a 10k (after I do another 5k or 2)...

  6. You rock!!! If you find a good way to wire your jaw shut, please let me know. I'm outta control over here! BTW, as the years pass, it's harder to start up running again so keep it up now :). And I'm rooting for your half! You will love it and feel such a great sense if accomplishment!!!

  7. I'm so proud of you! You are going to ROCK that half marathon!

    I'm itching to run...just waiting for doc to give me the OK. Few more days :)

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