Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Him & Her

Sweet as pie

So not shy

Too close for she

As close as he'll ever be

Sassy and smiled

Born to be wild


  1. There are precious. And HOW CUTE is A with the rollers in her hair?!?!? LOVE.

  2. Love this post!!! Your pictures are SO amazing. I just don't take 'em like I used to! : ( Will you PULEEEZ tell Arielle to stop growing up? Natey looks [almost] the same, but Arielle looks 7, I swear.

  3. Your photos ARE incredible - what do you use?!?! Obviously not an iphone camera like me ;)

    Love your sweet little captions/rhyme, too - you've got some darn adorable kids

  4. Very cute post. The kiddos are as adorable as ever, and it seems like your house is as full of spunk as mine!

  5. I second Heather's comment. Ever single word.

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What you talkin' bout Willis??