Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Small changes can equate to big wins in fitness

We just finished week 2 of the Project 10 challenge and I am happy to say that things are going well! I am sticking to my plan and working on the small goals I set for myself. I survived the past week without sweets. I accidentally cheated once, and remembered that I was abstaining AFTER I shared a banana pudding pop with the girl child. Not bad for an entire week! I like the idea so I am going to do it again this week. We are going to a wedding so I will allow myself one cheat and eat some wedding cake.

I have also been trying to eat only until I am not hungry instead of eating until I am full. This is hard for me because I eat fast. And by fast, I mean lightning speed. I am trying to slow down and not clear my plate. Old habits die hard so this one is a big goal for me.

I managed to meal plan for the week and we have had fruit and yogurt for me to bring to work for snacks. I realized that by cheating and buying a container of cut fruit, I am eating more fruit. My hubbs was a little ticked that I spent $20 on cut fruit, but it is worth it to me! I have only bought lunch at work one day in the past week and even then, I bought a "wellness approved" sandwich and still brought snacks from home.

So where am I at overall? Down 2.5 pounds from the start! I lost inches everywhere except my thigh (which went up 1/2 in for some reason, I hope it is muscle gain from the squats and lunges) and my chest. Small improvements, but I am starting to see that sticking to my plan is giving me results. The weight loss is right on target to where it should be to be sustainable.

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  1. wow, Kameron, sounds like you are doing awesome. Sweets are my kryptonite, so I would find this super hard!!! I recently did a diet for only 5 days that was only chicken/turkey/eggs/fruits/veggies - THAT IS IT. It was so hard, but I saw big results... now I'm on vacation, and it's out the window ;)

  2. Congrats on the great progress!!! I think meal planning is key. I need to start doing that too!!

  3. I need to take some notes from you. I have put on 10 pesky pounds but it's just so hard right now, not being able to run. But that's not really an excuse because I can do other things (and I am, I just like to eat!!)

    Good for you, my friend. Keep it up!!

  4. Hooray for loss!! I definitely need to improve our dinners by planning again - one crazy busy week threw us off and we haven't come back since.

  5. Good job!! I've found that sometimes you have to pay a little more for what works. For me that buying baby carrots. If I had to peel carrots for 6 people we'd never eat them. But grabbing a handful of baby carrots is no big deal. :)

  6. Nice work! I am a lightening fast eater too- it was hard for me to learn to slow down! I hate cold food as well, which never helps!

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