Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wild Kratts Birthday Party!

Nate turns 5 tomorrow but we had his party on Sunday. He loves the show Wild Kratts so we decided to run with that theme! There was a lot of Pinterest browsing for this party! I had a good time pinning away and, as you will see, used a lot of good ideas that I found. I decided to make Nate's invite myself in Photoshop. I found a couple of images online and then did the rest.

We had the party at an awesome playground called the ImPossible Dream. It is actually the only fully handicap accessible playground in RI! The had a room that is inside the playground and it was a perfect spot to have our party. I tend to go a little nuts for birthdays and I saw some friends on FB post about an amazing local woman, Stacie of Stace Your Face,  who does face painting. I noticed that she was especially good at animal faces so I booked her for the party! Of course the rebel birthday boy was all about being Spiderman instead of an animal, but I let it go. It WAS his birthday after all! Luckily all but 1 other child decided to rock the wild life look! I set up a "photo booth" and took a picture of each child right after they got their faces done! For the favors I made each child a Wild Kratts vest complete with attachable creature power discs!

My sister in-law owns a bakery in Boston called Treats on Washington and they made my son's birthday cake! It was a creature power disk with a cheetah on it. He was very impressed..and so was his stinker of a sister who took a bite out of the side before it was time to sing. Clever turning of said side away from the camera and walla, you can't even tell! Grr.
The kids had a great time. We didn't get to play the games I planned, but I suppose it was a lofty goal to get 15 kids to do anything at the same time! Instead, they ran and played in the huge enclosed playground and had a blast!

I am proud of the fact that I managed to get into 2 pictures this time! I had to ask someone to take them, but I stepped out from behind the camera for a minute so when my kids look back, they know I was actually there! Do you like my "snow leopard" shirt. I use quotes because I have no idea if that's what it is. I found it and A's cheetah pants while getting other things at Walmart. Gotta love trashy Walmart for its availability of $4 animal print shirts and $3 kid's cheetah leggings!

It was an amazing day and I would recommend this park to anyone. They are open to the public 7 days a week too! Now for a quick rundown of all of the party stuff:

Animal print balloons: Amazon
Birthday Banner: Made by me with animal print paper, sticky foam letters and twine
Cake Inspiration: A Mom Photographer's Crazy Life
Vest Inspiration (I used fleece and felt and just measured Nate to figure out the dimensions):Mom Endeavors
Cake Made by: Treats on Washington (in Brighton MA)
Amazing Face Painting: Stace Your Face
Animal plates: Walmart in the paper goods (not party) section
Photo booth: Made by hubby out of plywood and covered with zebra fabric from Jo-Ann


  1. Very clever. Most importantly, it seems the birthday boy had a blast!

  2. My kids LOVE Wild Kratts!! They'd flip for a Wild Kratts birthday party!!

  3. Fun party!! And congrats on getting in a pic or two - I'm never in any of them b/c I'm always the one taking the pics.

  4. You are an AMAZING mom. I'm insanely jealous that you weren't around for my birthday parties growing up. Is that Liz's son I see a picture? :)

  5. You rock at throwing birthday parties!!! Everything looked perfect. Love the face paint too. And I think I live under a rock, because I've never heard of Wild Krats.

  6. Why can't we live closer so you can be my party planner?! That turned out amazing - looks like such a fun time. I love how you kept with the theme with your leopard shirt :)

  7. I love the photos with face painting!
    Your blog is gorgeous!

  8. Yeah, what they all said. No one kid parties like you kid party. You.Be.Awesome.

  9. What an amazing party theme! I love the pictures. Looks like he had fun!

  10. Can you PLEASE tell me how you made the invitations?!?! My son is having a Wild Kratts birthday party as well (obsessed with Ninja Turtles, but for some reason he wants the Kratt bros instead lol). I'm also in RI so as soon as I saw Impossible Dream in this post in a google search I was on it! I have plans of how to decorate and things (our party is at the childrens museum so I have limits) but I am having such a hard time getting invitations made!! Help!! :-(

    1. Hi Anita, I made the invitations in photoshop. If you would like to email me at kscampoli@gmail.com I can help you out. I might even still have the template. I could throw something together for you and send you the file. :)

  11. Amazing!! Good job on the little things that many of us don't think of! Love when the kids love their birthdays. Its their day after all !! Thanks for sharing all you did. My son turns 6 this summer and he is all about wild kratts from morn till night :) This will make my research easier!!



  12. Hi I was wondering what font you used for the invitations. My baby sister is turning five and absolutely loves Wild Kratts. Haha if I pull this party off I will will score some major awesome big sis points and pretty much be the greatest person in the world in her eyes:) The party looks incredible btw!

    1. HI, I used SF Comic Script Bold for the font and then I did an outline around the letters so it would look the same. You can google the font and download it for free. I hope that helps!

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