Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stepping up my fitness game


Week 7 of Project 10! The fact that I am sticking with the tracking is honestly my biggest accomplishment. I have been remembering to put all of my food into My Fitness Pal and, even though one day I ate 2000 calories instead of my allotted 1410, I ran 7 miles and burned 800. It all evens out in the wash.
I am stepping things up though. I am a baby steps kind of girl. I need to focus on one aspect of my health at a time so I can form a positive habit and then add to my repertoire. Here are my steps so far.

  • I have been running. I am in week 5 of my half marathon training. That has been going well. I saw the Dr. for a pain in my knee and it runs out I have a lateral hamstring strain from doing an exercise incorrectly. Luckily the doctor is a runner so he understands that I don't want to halt my training. He suggested I do some physical therapy, more stretching and avoid hills and interval training until it heals. I can deal with that.
  • Food tracking. I have been logging my food for 15 days so far. I think this is the longest I have kept up with a food diary ever! It really helps to see what I am eating all written down. Sometimes I make better choices and other times I know I am going to run so I let myself have that treat or, ahem, pizza. But it's ok! I don't have to deprive myself to make this work! As long as I keep exercising, I can treat myself to the things I love to eat...occasionally.
  • I'm tracking my weight weekly and my measurements bi-weekly. I have never been an obsessive daily weigher. That never seemed like a good idea to me, so the weekly frequency is working. I like that I am taking my measurements. As I watch things shrink, even by fractions of inches, it gives me the motivation to stick with it!
  • My newest love is kickboxing. I got a Groupon for Do not let the website scare you. Ha! It looks like a giant infomercial for weight loss, but I tried a class on Monday night for the first time and I am hooked! It is an awesome mix of kickboxing, core workout, strength training and circuit training since he mixes up the activities. The groupon I got included 10 classes and a pair of gloves for $50, but they have a special on their website for 3 classes and gloves for $19.99. Honestly, it is an amazing workout and I plan to stick with it even after my groupon classes are up. Plus I got super cute pink gloves so that was a fabulous bonus!


  1. Awesome!! That's cool to try kickboxing! How fun!

    I think all of us being on MyFitnessPal has really helped with tracking!!


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