Sunday, September 9, 2012

Menu Planning Sunday

Meal planning has been so crucial in getting my health and fitness back on track. It saves us from getting carryout and allows me to budget my calories by knowing what days I can and can't splurge on a treat. ;) The thing that I find most invaluable is, when I am so bored with meal planning that nothing sounds good, I can search back through my old meal planning posts and get ideas...and remember what we didn't like!

Sunday: Creamy chicken and biscuit sliders (made these tonight and they were awesome!) and broccoli
Monday: Chicken parm with fresh motz and whole wheat rotini
Tuesday: BBQ Pork quesadillas in whole wheat tortillas with corn on the cob
Wednesday: Ginger Salmon with scallion brown rice pilaf
Thursday: Vegetarian Shepard's pie
Friday: Homemade pizza on wheat crust. Olive and cheese for the kiddos and White bean and caramelized onion for us.


  1. I'm always on the hunt to try out someone else's tried-and-true recipes. Thanks for providing some links! Fall puts me in a cooking mood.

  2. I make that vegetarian shepherds pie and my family loves it. I make one slight change... I have found these bagged, dry lentils that are in some sort of garlic seasoning. I cook those up to use and then use a bit of corn starch with the water the lentils cooked in to make a sort of "gravy" to add to the pie... my husband is used to a gravy in hid pie... and it comes out sooo yummy.

  3. Omg the chicken sliders sound amazing! I need to get back to meal planning. It's sorta in my head but not written down like I used to. Point in case I ordered Chinese tonight since I didn't feel any inspiration to cook!

  4. Did you use a pizza stone to bake those sliders? I don't have one and wondering how to cook them otherwise. They sound delish, though!!


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