Monday, September 3, 2012

Unwanted Superpowers


We all have them; things we are really good at that we'd rather not be. My unwanted superpower is the uncanny ability to know where almost every item in the house is located, within a 3 foot radius.I guess it is somewhat like a photographic memory, but only within the confines of my home. This is good and bad. I rarely lose things unless someone {read my 2 year old} has moved them from the last place I saw saw them. The obvious drawback is the fact that the other 3 people living in this house rely on me to find all of their crap.

For instance, I was on a business trip in Colorado a few years ago when my phone rang at 6am. Even though I had to work, it was the first time I had been away from my son overnight since he'd been born. I was REALLY looking forward to sleeping until at least 7am. When the phone rang that early, I was sure someone was bleeding or my house was on fire.

Me: {Groggy as heck and slightly scared} "Hello."
Hubbs: "Do you know where my sunglasses are?"
Me: "On the credenza. Oh, and if you wake me up again tomorrow to ask where something is, I will kill you."

I kid you not. This kind of thing happens all of the time. Luckily with the girl child starting to act like a future bag lady (more on that later), and repositioning just about everything in the house, others are having to pitch in on the search efforts. What is a talent you have, but wish you didn't possess?


  1. Ha ha love it! I think my unwanted talent is similar to your but it's more along the lines that I can guess where my girls have hid our stuff. I just knew my husbands keys were in the little purse, hanging from the handle of the doll stroller the other day as he ransacked the kitchen. It's a curse really.

  2. I'm dying. This is us too. I will tell Andrew where something is, he will look, say it's not there, I'll look, and it has magically appeared!

    I just asked him last night what he was going to do if I died suddenly. He'd never be able to find ANYTHING!

  3. You make me think of my own Mom with this. She could always find anything in no time. Sometimes I wish she was here to find stuff for me... ;)

  4. HA HA HA HA, what is it with us mom's being able to find anything anywhere in the house!! (well unless its something that is important, and our own!!)

  5. I think it's a mom thing. We did this I my mom all the time. I guess when I become a mom I'll know where all my stuff is :)

  6. Loved this post! My unwanted superpower is my bloodhound-like sense of smell. I can smell the faintest odor, and I end up cleaning out the entire fridge at midnight or rearranging the play area, all in the name of finding what is offending my nostrils.

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