Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday top 5 laughs

I feel like my kids get funnier each week. Arielle is in that phase where she says things wrong and that is always good for a laugh. Nate is, well, a clown at heart, so he is always cracking us up. Here are the top 5 from this week:

1. While driving home from daycare Arielle started singing The Farmer in the Dell. When she got to the part that should have said, "The cheese stands alone" she paused and then said, "The cheese stands by he's self". To make it even funner she added "The mom runs away" to the song. With both kids sick for 4 days a piece last week I have to admit, I had thought about it once or twice!

2. We took Nate on a date and let him pick the restaurant. He chose BBQ and so we went to Texas Roadhouse. He ordered a salad and I told him he was really growing up and it was breaking my heart. He looked puzzled and asked why it breaks my heart. I told him that he'll eventually grow up and move away. He replied, "I am NEVER moving out!" I mentioned that he will have more chores as he gets older to which he responded, "I'm DEFINITELY moving out then". When I told him that he'd have to do ALL of the chores when he moves out, he went back to his previous statement of never.

3. While we waited for the bill, Nate asked me to take a picture of him. He made sure to make the silliest faces ever and asked to approve of the picture I posted.


4. Nate's hair was getting long (see above) so it was time to get a hair cut. We went to our friend's salon and it is not exactly a kid's place. He sat down in the big chair and the lady next to him asked him why he was there. He told her, "Because I look like a ragamuffin".

5. Arielle likes to say our full names now, but she says it out of order every time. She always says the middle name, last name and then first name. She's so proud and cute that I don't have the heart to correct her.

What are your top 5 laughs from this week?? Link up at The Mommyhood Chronicles!


  1. I miss Nates face!! He is so handsome!

  2. I like Natey's long hair. Also, I like Natey. Okay, LOVE Natey. He's super awesome. And funny as all heck!

  3. Yah- so glad you linked up:)
    Such cute laughs!
    Haha- that conversation at Texas Roadhouse where you are talking about moving out is stellar! Cracks me up his concern and then how he is never moving out.
    Nate looks so much like you! He is just too cute!
    Haha- bc I look like a ragamuffin!
    Arielle is adorable!

  4. I wrote a post about something K has been saying lately, that she well got from my hubby. It's usually out of context and so funny. Kids totally crack me up!!

  5. LOL!! The thought of hearing a little kid say the word "ragamuffin" cracks me up. I love that word.

  6. Ahhhh!! Love the take on Farmer and the Dell!! =) Cute!

  7. Ragamuffin, love it,my kids say skevortz.

  8. Sarah @simplymommiesOctober 15, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    How cute! Love the idea of taking kids on dates :)

  9. SO adorable and I love the date idea. Your kids are so beautiful, love the Farmer and the Dell story!! :)


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